New Year, New Me..LOL

01/01/2013 HWT: New years eve fire works So wow......

I don't know about you, but it would seem that we all have the most productive, amazing, world changing and enlightening friends on the universe judging by all of those Facebook status' over the past 48 hours right?

People boosting their ego's listing the 10 best things they did that year.

I mean, sure I can't talk....I love sharing my achievements.

BUT you have to ask yourself WHY you're sharing.

For likes, comments, shares, praise and other petty bullsh1t = lame

For teaching, inspiring and motivating others to help them grow = good.


Here is the status I put up on social when the clock turn 12. (well actually it was the next day because I was in bed on New Years Eve at around 10pm....grandpa lol).

Do this activity today.  It's extremely powerful.

"Rather than posting an elaborate review of your year, take the time to look internally and decide what your goals are for this coming year.

Everyone seems to have had a big year.

Of course we all have, there were 365 days to get 'epic' done.

I would be disappointed if you were still the same.

So now it's time to look forward to the future.

Here is an exercise I've completed this morning and you can too.

Take out your journal and wrote the following: - Travel - Business - Life - Fitness - Learning

Then write 3 things you are going to achieve in each this year.

Don't be shy. Shoot for the stars.

Now, if you really want to propel yourself, pull out your diary and start plotting some times around these epic dates.

I look forward to helping you reach your best this year.


So now you just have to get out there and do it......

Success doesn't come from posting your achievements on social, or stating out loud your goals for the year.  It comes from consistent, daily action towards a desired result.

So stop feeding the ego and wishing for OTHERS to like your stuff (which is outside of your control anyway) and worry about kicking ass and being the best you, you can be. (which is inside of your control.

Let's go........


Writing for Engagement and Readership - A Beginners Guide

writing So over the past couple of years since stating this blog, I have recognised the fact that blogging is crucial to building an online presence.

Video's are great, the podcast has been killer and social media has provided a lot of website traffic, but the way you can really get a message across, is through writing. (you're reading this right now aren't you?)

Writing is a commonality with ALL of the biggest influencers I know and follow.

Elliott Hulse, Robin Sharma, Tim Ferriss, James Altucher...and more.

In addition, all these guys have written best sellers....multiple of them. (except Elliott who is currently writing his new book due for release early 2016 called 'King', which I have no doubt will dominate the rankings).

So what makes writing so special?  Why is it the most popular form of information sharing on the net today?  With our lower attention spans, and videos that now have to be 6 seconds to get your attention, wouldn't people be more interested in fast and easy gratification?

Well, no.

And the proof is in the pudding.

Writing engages your audience a lot more effectively.  While short videos capture those looking for a quick laugh, the fact of the matter is you get very little long term benefit from a sub 30 second video.

The whole goal with content is to share and transfer the information from your head into the head of your reader.  To create that connection.  And nothing can create that connection like writing.

Writing creates influence, which leads to the audience member (hopefully) taking action on your advice.

Writing has the unique ability effectively tell a story in it's own way.  It draws emotions form the reader and helps them to make their own judgements and draw their own conclusions.

They will pick up on things in their own individual way without any external influences.  Most of the time they will create their own identity for the author.

You see with videos, we have years of judgements and other external influences that judge the content creator on camera.  Their tone, their hair, their complexion, what they're wearing, what's in the background.  Before they even talk, we have made an assumption about them.

Writing is pure words.  A bunch of characters strung together to deliver a valuable message.

You can't see the author and there are minimal distractions.

Just knowledge on a screen.

OK, so this writing thing sounds great...but what else do I need to know and how can I get started? I have no idea how to write!

Here are a few things you need to be aware of and that I've learnt from over 2 years worth of consistent writing.

1. The more value, the greater the readership. I've done the whole quick 200-300 word articles.  While you can easily bang out 5-7 of these per week, you need to question yourself.."Are they really helping change lives? or are they just helping your audience pass time before they move on to something else?"

At the end of an article, you want your audience to be thinking "YES! that makes sense and I want to take action!" rather than: "mm nice story, but how can it help me? my situation is different."

If traditionally, you've been doing the latter, that's ok...(because I did that for 6 months, and realised it wasn't building quality).

But if you want to know how to excel, keep reading and I'll teach you.


2. Get specific. Who is reading your content?  Think of the ideal person you're writing for a aim it at them.  What are their problems are, their likes, dislikes, what do they need help with...?

Come up with a list of 6 key problems they have, and base all of your writing around solving those problems.

If you find yourself off topic.  Bring it back. or start over.

Remember, if you're unsure, ask yourself throughout writing the article: "Is this going to help my ideal reader become better, smarter, stronger or more effective?"


3. You will suck at the start Sorry, but you will.

Everyone does.  Unless you're part of the 0.001% of people who are natural writers, you will suck. (but then, if you were that, not sure you'd be this far down in an article that is describing how to write?)

Why? Because writing is a learned skill.  Like anything, it takes practice, commitment and time.

But, as you will soon read, if you stick at it and implement the advice I am sharing with you here today, you will get better.


4. Expect MINIMAL traffic when you first start. When I first started, I think my mum, and around 3-5 others were the only ones reading my content.  Now I regularly get 10,000+ unique visitors per month visiting my site.  I know it's nothing amazing, but hey it's better than nothing and certainly better than where I was at 2 years ago.

And in 2 more years time, I am going to have 100,000 readers (aim high, right?).

But building your audience takes time.

You will need to:


5. Write EVERY DAY Notice how I said, 'write' everyday.  Not publish.  The key to becoming a better writer is practicing the skill and creating the habit within your life.  Possibly one of the best authors of our time, Steven King  recommends daily writing in his book 'On Writing' to help improve your skills.  I am also a huge advocate of it, have implemented it and am reaping the benefits.

Start small.  Just create the habit

Sit down at the same spot, at the same time, with a fresh coffee, and just write.

Don't have your emails open, don't be on facebook, just write...

About what? Well, what comes into your head.  It's simple.

One great trick I've learned is to keep a journal on me 95% of the time, and write down blog ideas that I see, then if I'm at my computer and cannot think what to write about, I pull out the journal and choose a topic.

Plus, once you start to think this way, you will start to see lessons everywhere.


6. Write First, Edit Later

One of the biggest mistakes I used to make is trying to edit as I was writing.  You're much more effective when you spill your words out onto the page, get your main points out, and then go back, tidy it up.

Often I will get out a rough first draft, bullet point what I want to get across, build out my points and then fine tune.  It's a process.  Don't think that the first thing that spills out of your head will be a masterpiece.  No-one can do that.  Not even J.K Rowling.....OK maybe she can? I don't know.

But either way, until you've both sold 450+ million copies of your work like her, take my advice.


7. Have fun with it. Honestly, when I first started, I thought my articles had to be peer reviewed, literary masterpieces.

I wanted every piece of content to be 100% accurate, structured like a novel, full of facts and tables with research etc....It was all nonsense.

Don't get me wrong, if that is your style, and you're aiming your articles towards readers who like that....then go for it.

But that is not how you write for the web.  Or even books these days.

People want connection.  People want to be around people like them.

Have fun with it.  Crack jokes halfway through your articles, reference your fuck-ups you've made in your career.  People like that.  It's relate-able.

Make sense?


Getting started.

OK so now you have a bunch of tips and hints....how the hell can you get started?


There are a few things you will need to start an online blog:

  • A website domain (email me if you need help choosing a name)
  • A small hosting service (I recommend Uber Global 'cPanel hosting')
  • A new 'Wordpress' install (google: cpanel wordpress install for a guide)
  • A basic 'Theme' (This is the structure of how your blog is displayed.  Plenty of free ones to help get you started, or use what I use "Eleven 40 Theme")
  • A list of your 6 biggest client problems
  • 30 minutes - 1 hour a day dedicated to writing.  Non negotiable.

That's it.  Don't get fancy.  You don't need fancy.

You need to get something online and share the knowledge you've developed over your life.  Too many people are paralised thinking they will be criticised for sharing their thoughts...?

Screw that.  Just get it out there.

Tons of people probably laugh at my writing and criticise...but where are they? Stuck doing something they hate?

Me? Well I love writing and if I can share that passion with others, then that's all I need to continue.


Enjoy a safe and happy new year people.



The Art of Self Promotion


Over my short time on this planet, I have learned a thing or two.

One of those things, is how to launch new and exciting projects into the world.

While I will be honest and let you know I've never had anything go viral I have:

  • Raised over $28,500 for Prostate Cancer through competitive eating
  • Spoken with the world's BEST strength coaches (equating to over $30,000 in private consultation fees completely free)
  • Created and launched a web design and services business netting high 5 figures within 2 years of operation.
  • Cruised the streets of Melbourne feeding the homeless.
  • Work for 3.5 years with the Arnold Classic which helped me meet and have dinner with Arnold Schwarzenegger multiple times (in rooms of around 20 people) and the legendary, Charles Poliquin many times. (thank-you, Tony)
  • Traveled to international locations (Brasil, Europe, Italy, Bali and more)
  • Been mentored by some of the best including one man who recently sold his company for $65+ million. (and I mean legit, 1-1 mentoring for over 12 months)

and this is just in the last 5 years.


How did I do it?

Relentless Self Promotion.

That phrase is scary to many, and synonymous with ego boosting, having a self centered attitude and many more negatives.  But as soon as you realise that what other people think of you is none of your business, the better off you are.


I call this attitude: F.T.H (fu*k the haters).

While I am realistic enough to know I personally do not have 'haters', what I do understand, is that 95% of our population love to play at 'comfort'.  They're too concerned with how to bring others down to their level, then to go out there and create something great.  If this happens to you, realise they aren't hating you personally, just the action you've taken.

Generally this happens because your attitudes and actions don't align with their own attitudes. (or they're jealous, in either case F.T.H.  Just keep doing your thing.)

The key to self promotion and consequently, progress, can be boiled down to 1 six letter word:


I want to remind you, I am no different to anyone else.

I am humble, and never put myself on any kind of pedestal.  Ask my friends and they'll tell you the same.  But if you want to get noticed, you need to throw yourself in the deep end and get the word out.

Never be ashamed of the work you do, and deep down know that if you want to change the world, you're going to upset a few people along the way.  If they can't handle your progress, then they aren't meant to be in your life.

Get rid of them.

They're cancerous.

You must have a ZERO tolerance for negativity if you want to work at world class.


Here are a few helpful tips that you can use to get yourself out there:

1. Tell the world. If you truly believe in the work you're doing, get out there and tell everyone.  When I was a competitive eater and raising money for charity, I probably had over 1,000 conversations about raising the money for prostate cancer by eating BULK food.  Instantly people were interested, which meant I got to raise more awareness for my cause and raise more $$.

I wasn't embarrassed, and trust me when I tell you many many people were disgusted at the actual activity of competitive eating, but hey, you can't please everyone, and as soon as I told them why I do it, their attitude generally changed.

and then there were still those who didn't change their attitude, called me an egomaniac etc.

But, again I will I remind you, F.T.H.

Action step: Start 5 conversations this week about what you do and see if you can't generate a new fan into your work.

2. Go where others wont

thindifferent If you want to get your work out there more, spend time to brainstorm about where your 'target customer' spends their time (not necessarily $$ customer, but customer in the sense of a consumer of your content).

Action step: Google your niche, service or product.  Find online communities, meeting groups, Facebook pages and other blogs that are doing similar work.  Reach out (with respect), and see if there is anyway you can help them.

Note: Helping them first is crucial.  You wouldn't enter a party and immediately blurt out how amazing you are without being prompted, right?  It works the same way online.  Be smart about it.


3. Point of Difference What is your point of difference? Why is what you do special and unique?  If it's not, how do you expect to change anything?  You need to set yourself apart from the pack and lead your way to the top.  Craft a new path to greatness.  Otherwise, you're just wasting your time and you should find something else to work on.

Action Step: Spend 1 hour this week discovering exactly why you're different.  Write down at least 3 reasons why and what the benefits of using your service are over your competitors.  This will act as your elevator pitch whenever someone asks you about your service and should also form part of your marketing.


4. Target Think about who you are targeting.  If you're a trainer that wants to train high level business execs, why are you hanging out on Facebook and Instagram?

You should be playing at a whole other level such as business charity events (where you can give free nutritional seminars), or getting in front of them through networking and offering free sessions.

Action step: This week find 5 new ways to reach your audience that you might not have previously thought about.  Contact them and help them first.  As my great friend and mentor, Harry Korras would say: "Serve First, Sell Later".

Here is a great email template that you can use to do this:

[su_box title="Template Email" box_color="#bababa" radius="1"]

"Hi XXX, <research and get the owners name.  Never just say "Hi There".  Using names is extremely important>.

My name is XX, I am the owner/creator/founder of <XX insert your service/product>.

I have been following your work for <X months/years> and really love the impact you're having.

I especially liked your work on <XX insert specific example to show you do actually like their work>.

I wanted to reach out and ask if there was anything that I could do to help your audience and grow your cause/service to reach more people?

Although my audience may be small, I am more than happy to share your work with them.

I have been working at <XX insert your work> for a while now and am always happy to reach out to like minded individuals who also want to change the world.

Which is why I am more than excited to share your work with my audience.

Thanks for your time reading this, I can appreciate just how busy you might be!

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

<Insert favourite sign off> <XXX insert name>


The problem I see with a lot of people trying to connect with others is most people try to jump in bed with others immediately without first participating in a bit of flirting and foreplay.

Important Note: Do your due diligence.  Take the time to ensure you do actually agree with their service/product before you reach out.  It's very transparent if you haven't researched them properly first.


With that being said, there are also some things you will need to be aware of if you're going to be out there promoting yourself.

Dealing with others: Like I mentioned at the start of this article, there are two types of people.  Those who support you and love seeing your progress, and those who want to bring you back to their level.  Don't let them.

You are you and if you want to continue doing great work that is aligned with why you were put on this earth...then keep going.



Self Doubt: Jesus, if I gave you a dollar for every time I had some self doubt, you would be very rich.  MANY nights I have gone to sleep wondering if what I am doing is helpful and meaningful.

Throughout many of my projects, I get this feeling.  It's completely natural.  The key here is to trust your gut.  If it feels right, continue.  If it doesn't, then you should take a look at the path you're on, and re-align where necessary.  (P.S. Don't be stubborn either, when you know, you know).


Self Awareness: At times you will have to come back down to earth.  When your closest friends and support need to ask you about certain actions, you should perform a simple self appraisal.

Ask yourself: "Will what I'm currently doing, propel you towards your desired path ethically and responsibly?" (FYI: this is the only way to truly create meaningful change).


The key to self promotion is knowing what you want, and going out there and getting it.  No-one is going to do it for you.  You are responsible.

So look at the 4 action steps I provided above in my guide, implement them and start to make some real progress.

You can do this and you are good enough.

Believe in yourself.

Good Luck. Hayden

5 Things you Didn't Know about Hayden Wilson (and what you can learn from them)

I have always been reluctant to share too much of my private life. I generally like to keep the worlds somewhat separate, but I want to now get to know you a little better.  And what better way to do that than to share some information with you.

I also invite you to write down a couple of things I don't know about you in the comments section at the bottom of this email.

So here we go.

1. I am a former competitive eater

pancakes Yes that is correct, I went by the name of Hungry Haydo and have competed over 80 challenges. During this phase of my life, I learnt a TON about sales and marketing....and rejection.

Essentially I had to sell myself to restaurants and back in 2011-12 there was no-one doing the competitive eating thing.  I had to explain myself a lot and get rejected by a ton of places before I started getting some traction.

What really helped this kick off was two things: 1. I started raising money for charity along with it, 2. I literally told EVERYONE I was an eater, and asked if they wanted to support by donating.

This is key to become successful in your work.  I say work, because at the time, I was treating it with the importance of proper work.  This attitude helped me raise over $28,000 for Prostate Cancer and generate 'fans' from all over the world.

You must tell people what you do (don't be shy) and show your passion towards it.

Besides raising the money for charity it opened up many doors such as:

- the catalyst for a website design business - a 3.5 year role with the Arnold Classic Australia/Doherty's Gym - a great conversation starter - COUTNLESS free meals - relationships with a ton of Melbourne business owners - National travels - A supplement sponsorship agreement (thanks Bulk Nutrients) - a lot more!

2. I have a Ridgeback x Kelpie, named Basil.

basilchrismas If you follow my instagram you will have seen this awesome pup.  Basil was a rescue dog meaning his first human owners couldn't care for him.  I was at first a little skeptical about getting a rescue dog as I didn't know if they were prone to extra problems, or if he would suffer from anxiety or what!?  But the truth is, he is the best dog I've ever met/had (i'm pretty biased, but hey..it's my blog, I can do what I want).

The biggest lesson Basil has taught me, is about communication.  Learning to communicate and speak to your dog is a truly unique experience.  The loyalty he shows is incredible and by taking the time to learn how to speak with him, has worked wonders for his obedience and control.

Just like with human's, if you learn how to effectively share your message and listen to what people are saying, you can both come to an agreement.

Take the time to learn some new communication techniques and watch your professional life excel.

3. I own 10 plain grey shirts and 10 plain black shirts that I wore for the majority of 2015.


Before I started wearing dress shirts in late 2015 (which I'll explain the importance of in a later article) I would exclusively wear either two tops.  Black or Grey.  My black ones for working out, the grey ones for everyday life.

What this did was eliminate my wasting any of my 'decision making power' on something as trivial as what to wear to the gym.

You see, you only have a certain amount of decision making points each day.  If you're wasting it on something as minimal as what to wear, you're taking away from important decision such as what to write about in your blog, which exercises to put in a clients training program for effective results, or what healthy food choices to make.

The choices we make are crucial to our success.  Set yourself up to make smart choice from the getgo.

This is a great lesson I learned from Barry Schwartz in his book: The Paradox of choice.  Pick it up.

P.S: I also walk Basil the same way each morning, drive/ride the same way to work, eat the same breakfast etc.  Very boring.

4. I set myself strict routines

routine Routines are the backbone of progress.  I have been criticised and made fun of by some of the routines I have (like 4:30am wake ups, reading every day, eating the same breakfast, wearing the same shirt etc) but at the end of the day, once you can start to create good habits and see their benefits, you won't look back.

People will tell you you're boring.  I guarantee you that.

But at the end of the day, look where you are and where you're going, and then look where they are.....let that make up your mind.

In saying this, you need to know when to be flexible.  For example, if you stay up late 3 nights in a row working on some programs, and are getting up at 5:30 to train clients...that's not going to be the most effective way to make progress. Be smart about it.  You're not a hero if you're not getting anything done.

5. I have sent invites to countless professionals to come on my podcast...often never hearing back.

1400newptprophetartwork After starting the podcast back in Dec 2013, I have probably sent emails to over 400 professionals asking if they would like to come on my show.  Often 3, 4 or 5 times to the same ones (which can bring the total to beyond 1000 emails actually sent).

How many have said yes and actually hooked it up?

Well, I have released 62 episodes.....

The truth of the matter is, it's not for everyone, and generally, the guests I'm speaking with are busy people.

They have many different businesses and coming on a podcast isn't an immediate revenue generator.

What it will do, is increase their Alexa ranking (good for the Googles), and provide another 'Tentacle' for people to find and be pulled into their brand, as online marketing legend, James Schramko often speaks about.

The thing is, just like my competitive eating days, I had to learn and embrace the fact that rejection isn't personal. (something you must know about business).

If they don't say yes...it doesn't necessarily mean no...it just means not yet.

The podcast however has been phenomenal for my personal and business growth.  Podcasting has given me the opportunity to speak with HIGH level coaches and reach a lot of trainers/coaches to help with their problems.

You can learn more about how kick ass podcasting is and it's power on the following link: Power of the Podcast.


OK so I hope that gives you a little bit more of an insight into who I am, what I've learnt over the last couple of years, and how you can benefit from my mistakes/life lessons.

I would love to know 1 random fact about you, chuck it in the comments section below and open up.

You'll be glad you did.


You Are Responsible

responsible Every single person has their own life.

Their own worries, their own bills, their own struggles and their own triumphs.

It may seem self centered.  And at times, it is.  But in most cases it is a matter of energy.

For most people there is only a certain amount of energy that they have in a day that they can give off.

If you're like me, you love to give.

You set slim time lines to show how much you care and how enthusiastic you are to complete the work for someone.

Whether that be your boss, a client or someone in your family.

We spend hours upon hours helping others achieve what they want.

But in the end, there are only a handful of people that will TRULY, respect and reciprocate the favors.

I can count on my hand the people who would honestly be there for me in times of need.

The others...?

Well they come and go.

They're there for you temporarily.  But they generally don't stand the test of time.  When you are in a dark place, and really need someone.

Ask yourself; Will they be there?

The reality is, you need to learn to stand on your own two feet.

I guarantee you in the past year you've been let down by someone you thought was your friend.

Hell, it might have even happened in the last week.

and they can still be your friend.

But you need to realise one simple thing.

you are responsible.

Time to wake up and be completely honest with yourself. No-one is in this world to look after you.

or to baby sit you.

repeat these words:

"I am responsible"

Go to the bathroom and repeat it 15 times to yourself in the mirror.

"I am responsible", "I am responsible", "I am responsible"

At the end of the day, the only person we can count on 100% is ourselves.

This is the hard, but honest truth.



image credit: http://nickarapkiles.com/

Writing your About Page (what actually works)

aboutuspage Whenever I am asked to work 1-1 with a client on their website the topic of the 'About Page' always comes up.

Basically there are two situations.  The first is where the trainer has no idea what to put in there, is a little self conscious and not used to speaking about themselves.  They feel a little vulnerable putting all that information out there out.  Like they're going to be perceived as a ego monster.  This is completely normal and we can fix on this (this article will help).

The second is where the trainer is trying so hard to put all of their hard work and commitment into words, they end up listing 20 qualifications and achievements including fitness qualifications, first aid, that weekend course they did, another weekend course they did, the rehab course, the pre-hab course, the boot camp module, the pre/post natal qualification and everything else under the sun.

However, this is not how we do it.

The most ironic thing about an 'about me' page....?

It's not about YOU at all.  It's about who you're writing it for.

Your key customer.  Your avatar. The person reading it.

You need to relate to them and show in a single page that you can help them solve their problems.  Because ultimately everyone just wants a solution to a problem.


So what's working and how can you write a great about page?

Be Human Corporate speak is out.

Showing you're human and speaking in a conversational tone is in.

Make jokes, be relate-able.

Stick away from being 'best in class' or 'world renowned'.  That puts you on too much of a pedestal.

Imagine you're writing it for your best friend who you haven't seen in 2 years.  Who are you and what is your business all about.  Keep it simple and to the point.  No-one is sitting there reading 2000 words.  300-400 is a good guide. You can even include some quirky facts about yourself and your history.


Get on Video Get in front of the camera and shoot video.  Show your strengths and how you're an easy person to get along with while focused on your clients' goals.

I remember watching a series of Elliott Hulse videos (major YouTube hit with over 1.5million subscribers and also guest on episode 10 of the podcast) where he spoke about the magical effects of video.  He mentions how after reaching millions they get a sense of 'knowing him'.  When they meet him in person at his strength camps or workout days, he states how they approach him as though the know him.  An incredible way to build rapport.

We have the power right now where video is very accessible and cheap to produce.  Play to those strengths and set yourself apart.

If you cannot afford a videographer , jump onto eBay, buy a $6 tripod, set it up with excellent lighting (very important) and shoot your videos with a smart phone.


Be Confident You are a good trainer.  Don't try and over compensate as stated at the start of this post and list every single qualification you've done.  They don't help and the only thing they do is increase your ego.

Instead, be confident of your achievements and help the customer understand that you've been there before and are willing to do what it takes to help them achieve results for their body/lives.


Include Testimonials Just as stated.  The about page a great spot to include testimonials for your results (in addition to having them in your main menu too).  Both videos and before and after pictures are working well.


Decide if you're a Single entity or a business You'll also need to decide if you're a single entity (about me page) or a business (about us page).  If you want to write it as your business and include a range of employee/trainers underneath, that's cool.  You're going to keep the same principles of being relate-able, getting your trainers on camera and showing their human attributes.  But don't confuse the two.  If your entire website is writing about being a business and speaks in the third person, don't make the mistake of writing in the first person on the about page.  Consistency is important.


Writing the about page isn't difficult when you know how.  The biggest advice I can give, is be human, and write it aimed towards your key client.  If you can do that, you're 99% of the other trainers out there.


If you've got an about page you're proud of, shoot me the link below in the comments and I'll check it out.



8 Things I Learned Today at a Success Seminar (Outside of my Industry)


Today I had the privilege of learning from some of Australia's (if not the world's) most elite real estate agents.

No, I'm not in Real Estate, nor do I intend to be...but if you're given the opportunity to listen to some of the most successful people in a particular industry talk about HOW they got to the top for under $200...you take it!

Here are my 8 key takeaways from the day:


1. 'Success Leaves Clues'

All throughout the day, most of the high level speakers kept referencing either each other, or other famous people who they deemed 'successful'.

Study the top 10 people inside of any industry and you will discover what made them so successful.  Then all you need to do is replicate it. (honestly...it's that simple!  note: I said simple, not easy).

The funny thing is, a good friend of mine, Harry Korras also continually drills this into me.  "Success leaves clues, Hayden".  They all say this for good reason...it's true!

Bonus Points: Take this a step further and do whatever it takes to get in front of them and ask them their own secrets to success in person. (Charles Poliquin mentions this technique in a podcast we did together here).  It may cost more in $$ terms, but it will SKYROCKET the opportunities for you.


2. Emphasis on voice and pausing during public speaking

A master at public speaking, Tom Panos, used very deliberate pauses throughout the day when he spoke for 45 minutes, in addition to being the emcee for the day.  Tom also made good use of increasing the volume of his voice at various points to create importance.

The technique is gold and I encourage you to look further into Tom's work if you want to pursue public speaking events (which you should to create expert status).


3. Always be hungry

Something that #3 agent, Marcus Chiminello mentioned was that he is never complacent!  Along Marcus, that not one single speaker stated that they felt they'd done 'enough'.  Each and everyone of them explained throughout their talks that they were always hungry for more.

That is the world we live in.  Today more than ever it is paramount to never be complacent and understand that you must always be learning and striving to be better than the man (or woman) in the mirror.  The future is better than the present, and you have the power to change this.


4. Allocate your time effectively

All speakers explained the importance of blocking out time and using it wisely.  Shut off those emails while you bash out some content from 9am-11am each morning, hide in a quiet cafe while you need to write those programs on a Wednesday afternoon.

Australia's elite real estate performers NEVER waste a second.  Yes they enjoy their down time, but when it's work time, they work.  You need to do the same.

Plus to show you these guys practice what they preach: John McGrath spoke for 45 minutes, before he had to jet off (literally...he had a flight to catch 30 minutes after speaking) and as I was walking to my car at lunch I saw James Tostevin running to his vehicle after delivering a killer talk.

Be wise with your time as we aren't getting any more of it!


5. Say No more often.

Stop being a people pleaser and realise that you only need the approval of one person...


Do you find yourself performing useless tasks that make no sense?  Why are you doing them?

I'm going to assume you're your own boss right now, which translates to the above making even less sense...you give yourself the instructions each day, so make sure when you're dishing them out, give yourself the best advantage you can!

Say Yes to tasks that increase your value, and no to those that detract from your value.


6. Connection is King.

Every one of the speakers that was on stage today mentioned just how important it is to keep their clients informed.  This translates over to personal training too.

I recommend having 3 lists and keeping each of the people inside these lists up to date with all things that are happening in the world of training right now.

1. Prospecting Clients:  These are potential clients that you may have met or been introduced to recently that aren't quite your clients yet.  Keep a record of the types of things that might like, and shoot them a call or email with some relevant information.

2. Current Clients:  Let's not forget about those that are already inside of your client base.  Make sure to keep these guys u to date with new industry trends, fresh training techniques and general courtesy appreciation messages.

3. Former Clients: Clients come and go for many reasons.  They may not have enough money to continue, they may not be seeing the value in your training (I hope not) or they may be moving interstate (opportunity for online training here).  Either way, you have a much higher chance of getting them back some day by keeping front of mind and providing value.  It doesn't cost much of your time and is a wise investment of your time.


7. "Kill Monsters while they're little"

I love this gem from Austrlia's #39th ranked agent, Chris Hassall.  Basically it means don't let things build up and become a huge problem.  When you identify something that needs doing, complete it before it spirals out of control and will take you 3, 4 or 5 times as long to complete.


8. Become World Class

It doesn't matter what you're doing in life, whether it is counting reps, designing websites, selling real estate, making coffee or cleaning toilets...do your very best.

You can create a very strong name for yourself in any industry by performing your skill at world class.


Overall the day was super productive, I met a few great people and apart from the lunch buffet offering nothing but empty carbs and little to no protein sources, It was a well worth the investment.

I encourage you to now look outside of the fitness industry and attend some alternative industry events.  Not only will you discover a huge array of potential clients to network with, you never know what opportunities will present themselves.

Stay Hungry.

Kind Regards, Hayden


More Info from REB Top 100 Secrets: http://top100secrets.com.au

The speaking list included the following:

  • Tom Panos
  • John Mcgrath
  • Marcus Chimenello
  • James Tostevin
  • Nick Renna
  • James Heavyside
  • Chris Hassall
  • Glen Coutinho

The Magic of 5am. Why Getting Up Earlier Will Save Your Life, Improve Your Health & Increase Overall Happiness.

5am club by PT Prophet Today I wish to share with you something that is truly special. And although I have only been practicing this for 6 months now, I can already see the insane benefits of it.

As the title probably gave away, I'm speaking about rising at 5am.

Not much is known why this is such a special time, however, what we do know is the effects of productivity and output can be compared to as much as 3 hours of 'regular time'.

One of the biggest advocates of the 5am club (and someone I hold in high regard), is best selling author and corporate speaker, Robin Sharma.

Robin often talks about his 20/20/20 routine for those who rise at 5am.

This means:

  • 20 minutes of planning (planning what you wish to achieve, what your short and long term goals are)
  • 20 minutes of silence/mediation (ensuring you get in tune with who you truly are
  • 20 minutes of exercise (A terrific way to start the day and get the oxygen into the brain and body)

These can be done in any order.

Follow this same protocol and watch your inner peace and productivity increase.

Robin has a TON of material on this time including videos, articles and podcast which I encourage you to check out.

OK, so I hear you..."I'm not good at getting up early" or "I'm not a morning person!" I get it, you're not creative in the mornings, you're a night owl, some people were just not born to get up early...right?


I know this is wrong because I am part of the crew who once thought this.

Use the following strategies to ensure you're not groggy and tired upon rising:


1. Impose a 9pm social media/phone curfew. Sitting on your phone/a screen late and night sends messages to your brain that it is still time to be awake. The mind cannot differentiate between a backlight of your iPhone vs the sun. It just knows 'light'.

It is also not good to subject your subconscious mind to useless, often negative messages just before you sleep. The time just before you sleep and just after you wake up are extremely important for development. In these golden minutes, your mind is like a sponge, wanting and waiting for valuable information to be soaked up. Do not waste it by scrolling your news feed or checking your emails.

Do the right thing and switch it off.


2. Get quality sleep in a dark, quiet room. 6 deep sleeping hours are better than 10 interrupted hours from pets, your spouse or your TV.

Getting proper quality sleep will impact you greatly and ensure you wake up feeling refreshed each morning, not stressed.

It is also wise to invest in a high quality pillow. It's amazing that so many people spend 1/4-1/3 of their lives in bed, yet refuse to spend more than $10 on a pillow. Invest in yourself and fork out $50-100 on a good pillow. I promise it will make a difference.

Lastly, make sure you're getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Despite what you may think (and what I used to also think), you cannot burn the candle at both ends. It does, and it will catch up with you. Get to bed at a reasonable hour each night and make sure you're giving the body the rest it requires. You will be 10 times more productive with a good night sleep rather than staying up to 1am and attempting to get up at 5am day after day after day.

Be smart about it and get the rest.


3. Know you have the psychological edge. Nothing feels better than getting up early, working on yourself before anyone else is even awake. Use that time to better yourself, write in your journal, read for 30 minutes, start that blog post you've been meaning to writing or hit the gym...every bit counts and each second is another second you're ahead of the pack.


4. Revisit your why. If you're having trouble waking up early, ask yourself what is stopping me from getting up?

Do you have goals you wish to achieve today? Do you have goals which will take longer than a week to come to fruition? What about those long terms goals that are so hard to see today....but 12-24 months from now start to take place....?

Take a moment and start to discover why you do what you do. Use your new found 5am starts to focus your energy towards those goals.

The bigger the desire, the easier it will be for you to jump out of bed. (for help with goal setting, check out the following article)


5. Start gradually. If you're not used to getting up until 7, start by getting up at 6 this week, 5:30 next week and 5 the following....Stick with it for at least 3 weeks (aka 21 days). This will help your mind form a habit and allow it to stick. The main goal here is no matter how tired you feel, you must keep at it.

And there you go, an introduction into the 5am club and some simple, yet effective strategies to get your body and mind into action at 5am.


So start soon and implement this amazing, unique and powerful hour into your life.  You will be astounded at what you can achieve both internally on yourself and externally with your business and surroundings.


If you found this article helpful, I would love if you left a comment below explaining your thoughts on 5am and why you think it's such a beneficial time.


GSD (Getting $h*t done). The $1.80 solution.

This is a simple, cheap and HIGHLY effective way to GSD (Get Shit Done)

You can buy these bad ass little timers from ebay or your local department store for less than a cup of coffee.  Putting time pressure on yourself is going to hep you achieve amazing things.

Steps for Success:

1. Write your tasks for the day.

2. Assign each a timing value.

3. Prioritize tasks.

4. Set the timer and get to work.

It's as simple as that.


Subscribe to my Youtube channel here for me great videos


Drop a comment below if you believe this will help you or if you have a different method.


Why Not Me?

whynotme Yesterday, I had the experience of a lifetime.

Over the past 6 months, I've been introduced to and also introducing myself to as many new people as I can.  Learning and developing with a passion from everyone I cross paths with.

One of these new friends is an extremely successful business man, who recently sold his company for a very pretty penny (we aren't talking chump change here folks....think BIG).

This particular gentleman comes to my gym....(7 days a week, 365 days a year...no joke, didn't miss a day in 2014).  We chat here and there, go out for breakfast as a group with a couple of other regulars and have developed a friendship.

This friend is extremely passionate about people and relationships.  His experience ranges from security work bouncing doors at the age of 16, to running huge contracted jobs at the Melbourne Airport and Colonial Stadium (now called Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia) worth millions.

Given his success in running a 120+ million company, I knew he and I were put onto this planet for a reason (yes sounds a bit woo-woo, but hey, believe and achieve).  I reached out and asked if he would be interested in spending an hour with me, going through some goals.

Just for a little background, you need to understand that he is a big goal setter and often tells me how important it is to have concrete goals.  Always probing and pushing me to discover my true calling is.  "What are your goals Hayden? What's the 5 year plan?"

and I honestly didn't know how to answer it.....and truthfully, I was a little embarrassed not knowing.

Here I was, helping many PT's set goals and become successful.... Yet I didn't really have goals past 12 months.  I mean loosely I knew where I wanted to head, but nothing concrete and nothing written down.

WELL.  All that changed yesterday.

We organized to meet at a local cafe for lunch.  He told me bring nothing but a new workbook and my good self.  I was nervous, but also excited for what was coming up.

I knew this was the chat I needed.  To take things to the next level.  To stop thinking small and think "why not me?".  This is the basis of this post....to ask yourself, "Why not me?".

After we went through my current situation, where I am at, where I put my time, etc., Harry offered some solid advice and already I had gained a lot from our discussion.  Simply getting it all out on the table was invaluable.  The power of someone truly listening to your situation cannot be matched.

There was one recurring theme....you never know when it's your time, but it will come.

  • When it's your time, the money will come in such riches that you won't know where it's been hiding.
  • When it's your time, the work will be so plentiful and your life will literally change
  • When it's your time, you will either sink under the pressure or swim with the sharks.  Your choice.

You need to be ready.

The next stage of our meeting was discussing where I wanted to go with my business, and the steps I need to be taking every day to get there.

We went through 14 principles for life.  Things I need to be conscious of at all times and live by.  Here are a few:

  • Daily 5 and Nightly 3 (The Daily 5 is when you ask yourself, "What are 5 things I can do today to make me better than yesterday?" the Nightly 3 are 3 things that you are grateful for over the course of the day.  You write these down in your journal (very important)).
  • 20/20/20 Rule (First thing in the morning:  20 minutes of exercise, 20 minutes of reviewing goals and daily plan, 20 minutes of learning (audiobooks is my choice)...Every single day)
  • Live Life (do not be scared to spend money, eat well, exercise hard and do the things you want to do.  You can't take it to the grave to get on with it, take risks and have fun)

Going through the 14 points was literally life changing.  In the space of 3 hours, my mindset was flipped upside down and instead of waiting for opportunities to come, I am 100% driven to make them happen.

Living by the 14 rules will prepare me for what is next.

Along the way, Harry and I discussed different stories and asked me about situations in my life.  When I stumbled or he saw an opportunity that I didn't take...he would ask me why...why didn't I take it?

I replied...I don't know...not ready?

He swiftly replied: "Why can't you do it?...No reason...you can, and you will"

Which is the purpose of this post....why not me?

or more to the point: WHY NOT YOU?

Just like Harry, just like me, just like everyone else on this planet, you have the opportunity to be anything you want.

There is not reason why it can't be you who owns a new gym, or why it can't be you who moves to the UK and becomes an online trainer (in fact, one of my clients is doing in the process of this now now...told me this morning he is moving over there, what's the worst that can happen?).

Life is 10% genetics, 90% practice.

Practice your craft and you are guaranteed to kill it.

This is just the beginning, plenty more to come from me, and plenty more to come from you.  Show me you can live your dreams.