Hayden is an engaging coach, speaker and leader, helping high performance personal trainers find their freedom while building the business they love.


He is the founder of the largest multi-speaker event in Australia for fitness professionals to learn more about their businesses, (Fitness Business Summit Australia), which began in 2016 and sees trainers from all around Australia travel to attend.

Hayden is the host of the longest running podcast created specifically for personal trainers to discover how to win in business. He has interviewed and spoken with over 150 guests since beginning back in 2013. Notable names include: Dr John Demartini, Charles Poliquin, Jack Canfield, Holocaust survivor, Edith Eger and several other high impact leaders.

His book; ‘Why Wait To Be Great?’ was released in July 2017 and is a must read by any aspiring leader looking to explore their full potential. To date it has been read by people in over 65 countries and helped put Hayden on the international map.

In addition, Hayden is a sought out speaker around Australia to groups both small (<10) and large (700+), where he shares his forward thinking ideas around leadership and how to maximise personal and professional growth in our fast moving world.