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You really can extend WELL beyond the norm, simply by following the principles and foundations of all the most successful leaders who've traveled the business path well before us all...

I'm not talking about the Gary Vee's or the Branson's.

Although both highly successful (in their own rights), I'm talking about the Henry Ford's, the John D. Rockefeller's, the Andrew Carnegie's.

Following the below (what I call EGL's) will help you dramatically improve the results on the inside of your business (and life).

1. Do what you said you'd do, when you said you'd do it.
So many simply do not follow through with their word. They say one thing, but quickly get distracted or forget about it. As Miguel Ruiz says on his Four Agreements book: Be impeccable with your word.

2. Do more for your current clients than anyone else.
Take 80% of the money you're currently spending on external marketing, and put it back into your current clients as internal marketing.
Set up 3 great referral systems on the inside of your business, and watch what happens.

3. Stop looking at your competition for inspiration.
Looking to your competition for inspiration is the number one reason for the self-doubt and lack of belief most feel these days. As a recovering addict of comparison myself, I know what it's like to look at others and become paralysed. The funny thing is, the more you focus on your clients, the more this goes away.

Instead of looking to competitors for inspiration, look to your clients. (they're the ones who pay the bills).

When you focus on doing the basics, really, really well, you're able to create rapid transformation on the inside of your business.

Take the above and read them, study them, pull them apart and then, apply them.


How To Sell More

how to sell more.jpg

Just a reminder, that business services do not sell themselves.

You need to be actively pursuing, creating and making sales if you want your business to survive.

It would be nice if simply putting up a Facebook post pointing to a sales page could work, but the reality is, the consumer is much too smart for that these days.

Services must be sold.

Here is my biggest advice for sales:

1. Sell the solution, not the product or process.
Get clear on the solution you provide and get clear about the KEY benefits it will provide someone. People do not buy products, they buy solutions to their problems.

2. Get a system.
Even a poor system done well is better than no system at all. But if you're serious about this, find or create a system that is rock-tight with proven results.

When you have a system, it's literally like following a checklist. In fact, it is a checklist. One that you can follow step by step to take the customer through to help educate them on how what YOU'VE got, can solve their biggest problems.

3. Ask for the sale
If you want the sale, ask for it. Don't have awkward closes that end with polite goodbyes. Get the client to make a final decision of either: 1. yes, 2. no or 3. I'll get back to you within 24 hours with a decision.

The clearer you both are, the less anxiety exists around waiting for them to make a decision.

I hope that helps in your sales conversations.

If you think your sales system could be polished up (or you want to speak about getting one), then reach out via comments or PM and let's see if we can spot a few gaps that could be filled.

To start all we do is use a small survey to assess where you're currently at, and if there are some next steps we could recommend, then we can explore.

Keep working hard on your business and keep making those sales (y)


Death of the Personal Trainer (Part 1)

Death of the Personal Trainer (Part 1)

As we progress further and further into the new age of fitness, the idea of simply being a personal trainer is quickly becoming redundant. The new standard is to be a coach.

In a four-part series, I've been writing called: "Death of the Personal Trainer" (this is part 1) I share what you can do to transform from PT to coach, which I hope is helpful for you and your business.

Mr Gym Guy vs Mr Business Man



Along your journey inside the business of fitness, you will meet two different types of people. I wanted to introduce them to you here, so you can be aware when you do see them. They're Mr Gym Guy and Mr Business Man.

Mr Gym Guy loves his curls, feeling the burn, getting his nutrition on point and eating from Tupperwear.

Mr Business Owner loves creating new products, serving his customers, carefully watching his bottom line, and enjoys planning for the future.

There is no right or wrong. In fact both are great people. It's not a matter of personality, it's a matter of who wants to reach their desired goals 

See if the goal is to compete on stage, hit a new deadlift PR or show off your great results on social media, than most Gym Guy's (and girls) are doing a great job.

But if your goal is to create a business that just works, gives you the income you desire and allows you to create long term freedom, than Mr Business Man

There really is nothing other than outcomes. We get out what we put in. That's the best thing about life. You're rewarded by effort, not luck.

I've learned in my life, that if you don't ever define a future for yourself, nature will give you the bare minimum. And so if you want a big future, it's time to start taking big action.

Invest the time this week to discover what that future might look like and how you can go about making it happen. 

If you would like a little boost of inspiration on the way, be sure to sign up to my daily emails where I will push you each day to realise the dream that exists within. 


[Elite Coaches Club - Episode 1: Meet Ro]

Episode 1: When Dreams Become Things

Meet Ro.

An incredible individual with big dreams.

It is truly inspiring to see what she is bringing to the world, and I feel fortunate to be able to assist in her growth.

This is her story.


Want to grow like Ro?

Get in touch here to make your future brighter than your past.