10 Daily Rituals to Excel Your Life

Follow the guide at the bottom and within 10 weeks your life will be 100% different. 1. Control Your Diet You know what to do

2. Develop A Morning Routine Buy the book 'The Morning Miracle' by Hal Elrod

3. Exercise Daily No exceptions

4. Switch off at least 1 hour a day Legit helps like crazy.

5. Journal thoughts, feelings, wins and challenges Helps with clarity and mental focus.

6. Keep a 'Dream Board' Print off and stick anything you want on it.

7. Take pride in your small wins No matter how small.

8. Be accountable for all actions Don't point the finger. You are responsible.

9. Spend time with those who lift you up. Don't forget the rule of 5 - You are the accumulation of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

10. Read Daily Autobiographies, Success, Non-Fiction, Even some fiction is good. Just build the habit.

Study the above and start putting them into practice each and every day.

Chose 1 to implement this week.

Then the following week implement another, then another...

Pretty soon, (within 10 weeks) you will be doing all of the above and I guarantee your life will be turned around.

Give it a try.