10 Pieces of (My Best) Advice For Living the Business Life Without Limits.

Below are 10 points that I think will be helpful for you on your journey of business exploration.

Being a business owner is hard enough with so much noise out there. It is my purpose to help you achieve your greatness and live a deliberate existence.

One of the fastest vehicles for doing that is through running your own business.

Check out these (proven) points below and let me know in the comments what you think.

1. CREATE your point of difference. Stop waiting for it to show up. Decide how you will be different & use that in every piece of communication you have.

2. Stop thinking tactically. Set the direction for the next 3 years and then break that down into 100 day goals. Why does your business exist. Who does it exist for. Why should I choose you?

3. Give more than anyone else would dare. People are SWIMMING in information. We (definitely) don’t more noise. We need actionable advice. Make the word ‘transparency’ your new best friend.

4. You don’t know everything, nor do you need to. Your biggest struggles are someone else’s speciality. Hunt them down, pick their brain and partner up with them.

5. Invest a minimum of 15% revenue (not profit) into your ongoing education. Study marketing, sales, customer service and the business side of your enterprise.

6. Stop thinking so small. Go from limited thinking to limitless. What do I mean? I mean why can’t you be Australia’s best at what you do? Why can’t you organise a conference with the best of the best and put them in a room? Why can’t you write a book and showcase your brilliant story? Others are doing it. Why not you?

7. Remember the very moment you started your business. Make it your goal to share that story with 100,000 people. Martin Luther King delivered his famous ‘I have a dream’ line in hundreds of speeches before it finally landed.

8. Look outside your industry. Draw inspiration from other industries. Go to their conferences. Buy consults with whoever is at the top. Read their books. Study their strategy. Success leaves clues.

9. Raise your standards. Complacency has killed more dreams than competition ever has. Decide what you want and go out there and share it generously.

10. Understanding of others will always trump anything else out there. People buy from people. Be a person first and a business second. Get insanely curious about others. How they operate, why they do what they do, what their desires are, what their dreams are, and then work like hell to make that a reality for them.

Which of these is the most helpful for you? Which hits home the most and gave you a red flag for “I NEED to do this!”?

Let me know below.

Yours in success,