16 Rules of Modern Marketing

I hope this post finds you well.

Today I wanted to share something super important with you.

It’s on success…business success. And how you can actually achieve it.

If you’re OK with it, I’m just going to dive straight in. Talk is nice, but I’d much rather share what I know works.

Ok let’s do it.

Did you know the number one reason most businesses fail actually has nothing to do with not being good at what they do..?

In fact, there are some VERY good ‘practitioners’ out there who are actually light years ahead of both the competition and their ideal customer in terms of knowledge, experience, expertise and ‘in the trenches’ know how.

And yet they still struggle….

  • They still charge (well) below what they’re truly worth

  • They still get pushed around by their clients (and remain at their mercy or stuck if they were to cancel)

  • And they still remain stuck wondering how the hell to break through this seemingly ever lasting business plateau…

Below…I explain why…(and what to do about it too).

The number one reason most businesses fail has nothing to do with competence, and everything to do with communication.

That is, most business owners are (traditionally) shocking at being able to clearly, and precisely articulate what it is they DO for their perfect client, and what that MEANS for their lives.

In essence, that’s ALL marketing really is…”Just tell me what you do, and how that will that help me?!”

Even if you were to answer just THAT question alone and not read one word further, you would be ahead of at least 95% of most business owners (and honestly, probably 75% of so called ‘agencies’ charging $2,500+ per month to put up a couple of Facebook posts for you…)

Just think for a second…

How many course you’ve been to, the content you’ve studied, the videos you’ve watched, and the mentorship you’ve received in your CHOSEN discipline..?

My guess is you’ve got a mind FILLED with vast amounts of expert knowledge that the world could benefit from knowing….and yet, a lot of the time, that’s exactly where it stays…in your mind.

Like a genie in a bottle, this valuable (and when packaged right, highly profitable) information remains trapped in the prison of your mind, clouded by feelings of self doubt and sabotage…

That is, until today…

For today is the day you finally decide to release your genius upon the world and master your marketing.

Below I am sharing with you 16 ‘simple’ (but easily forgotten) truisms of marketing that every single successful business person uses.

The list is designed to KICKSTART you into the best 12 months of your business thus far and help you break all records.

Study them.

Re-write them.

Share them.

Learn them.

And most importantly, implement them!


  1. This is not about YOU. Always remain insanely focused on your client and their biggest dream.

  2. Stop selling your ‘product’. Start selling what it does.

  3. Spend at least 1 hour every single day learning something new.

  4. Never lose touch with your clients and their biggest problems. (Be annoying consistent in your follow up and commitment to serving them).

  5. Stop copying your competitors (often they have no idea what they’re doing). Learn to think for yourself.

  6. Theory is ‘nice’…but results are nicer. Take small, but consistent actions toward your goals.

  7. Forget what you learned in school. Proper English might get you an A, but it won’t get you PAID. Write how you speak, and you’ll do VERY well.

  8. “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face” (Mike Tyson). Your new mantra is: Act fast. Fail Fast. Learn Fast. Win Fast.

  9. Stop overcomplicating things and just get moving in one direction. Keep your head down and your mind moving.

  10. The sooner you get over what others think of you, the sooner you’ll breakthrough.

  11. Don’t get mad…get good! Master the fundamentals and watch your results soar. (this list is a GREAT start).

  12. C.R.F - Consistency. Relevancy. Frequency. It’s the magic cocktail of lasting brands. Follow it at all costs.

  13. Clarity breeds success. Get clear on what it is both you and your perfect client wants…and then make a b-line for exactly that.

  14. Principles > Strategy > Tactics (use them in that order). No FB ad (tactic) is going to work unless you first master the principles of running an effective business.

  15. Stop seeking approval, start seeing results. Enough said.

  16. The only people who feel the need to cut you down, are those who are deeply insecure about their own lack of ambition and courage. Enter the winners circle and never look back.

As we come to a close, what I want to point out here, is that I bet while reading that, you found yourself nodding your head.

I can be fairly sure, this isn’t the first time you’ve heard these nuggets of wisdom.

It IS probably the first time you’ve head them in this order, and written in my particular way, but none of the above are ‘new’.

Which means, it’s not what you know…it’s what you DO with what you know.

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