How To Sell More

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Just a reminder, that business services do not sell themselves.

You need to be actively pursuing, creating and making sales if you want your business to survive.

It would be nice if simply putting up a Facebook post pointing to a sales page could work, but the reality is, the consumer is much too smart for that these days.

Services must be sold.

Here is my biggest advice for sales:

1. Sell the solution, not the product or process.
Get clear on the solution you provide and get clear about the KEY benefits it will provide someone. People do not buy products, they buy solutions to their problems.

2. Get a system.
Even a poor system done well is better than no system at all. But if you're serious about this, find or create a system that is rock-tight with proven results.

When you have a system, it's literally like following a checklist. In fact, it is a checklist. One that you can follow step by step to take the customer through to help educate them on how what YOU'VE got, can solve their biggest problems.

3. Ask for the sale
If you want the sale, ask for it. Don't have awkward closes that end with polite goodbyes. Get the client to make a final decision of either: 1. yes, 2. no or 3. I'll get back to you within 24 hours with a decision.

The clearer you both are, the less anxiety exists around waiting for them to make a decision.

I hope that helps in your sales conversations.

If you think your sales system could be polished up (or you want to speak about getting one), then reach out via comments or PM and let's see if we can spot a few gaps that could be filled.

To start all we do is use a small survey to assess where you're currently at, and if there are some next steps we could recommend, then we can explore.

Keep working hard on your business and keep making those sales (y)