Exponential Growth Levers


You really can extend WELL beyond the norm, simply by following the principles and foundations of all the most successful leaders who've traveled the business path well before us all...

I'm not talking about the Gary Vee's or the Branson's.

Although both highly successful (in their own rights), I'm talking about the Henry Ford's, the John D. Rockefeller's, the Andrew Carnegie's.

Following the below (what I call EGL's) will help you dramatically improve the results on the inside of your business (and life).

1. Do what you said you'd do, when you said you'd do it.
So many simply do not follow through with their word. They say one thing, but quickly get distracted or forget about it. As Miguel Ruiz says on his Four Agreements book: Be impeccable with your word.

2. Do more for your current clients than anyone else.
Take 80% of the money you're currently spending on external marketing, and put it back into your current clients as internal marketing.
Set up 3 great referral systems on the inside of your business, and watch what happens.

3. Stop looking at your competition for inspiration.
Looking to your competition for inspiration is the number one reason for the self-doubt and lack of belief most feel these days. As a recovering addict of comparison myself, I know what it's like to look at others and become paralysed. The funny thing is, the more you focus on your clients, the more this goes away.

Instead of looking to competitors for inspiration, look to your clients. (they're the ones who pay the bills).

When you focus on doing the basics, really, really well, you're able to create rapid transformation on the inside of your business.

Take the above and read them, study them, pull them apart and then, apply them.