Mr Gym Guy vs Mr Business Man



Along your journey inside the business of fitness, you will meet two different types of people. I wanted to introduce them to you here, so you can be aware when you do see them. They're Mr Gym Guy and Mr Business Man.

Mr Gym Guy loves his curls, feeling the burn, getting his nutrition on point and eating from Tupperwear.

Mr Business Owner loves creating new products, serving his customers, carefully watching his bottom line, and enjoys planning for the future.

There is no right or wrong. In fact both are great people. It's not a matter of personality, it's a matter of who wants to reach their desired goals 

See if the goal is to compete on stage, hit a new deadlift PR or show off your great results on social media, than most Gym Guy's (and girls) are doing a great job.

But if your goal is to create a business that just works, gives you the income you desire and allows you to create long term freedom, than Mr Business Man

There really is nothing other than outcomes. We get out what we put in. That's the best thing about life. You're rewarded by effort, not luck.

I've learned in my life, that if you don't ever define a future for yourself, nature will give you the bare minimum. And so if you want a big future, it's time to start taking big action.

Invest the time this week to discover what that future might look like and how you can go about making it happen. 

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