Asking For What You Want


Yesterday I was fortunate enough to speak with the co-founder of a company called Tripadeal. Norm, along his business partner, Robert, started the exotic travel booking website back in 2010 after realising no-one else was doing it. The company has been Australia's fastest growing two years in a row, and turns over $100+ Million a year.

Can you imagine that..? I got to pick the brains of and (virtually) sit down with a leader who may just be the next 1 billion dollar company to come out of Australia.

How did I get him on the phone? I asked.
Straight out.

I wrote about the entire process of the Power of Ask inside my book: 'Why Wait To Be Great?'

Here's some of the things asking has enabled me to do:

  • Have world leaders speak at my events for free
  • Receive at least $75,000 in personal coaching
  • Record 150+ episodes of a podcast and grow an audience from nothing
  • Meet and connect with people from all walks of life

Asking for what you want, really is the fastest and most direct way to get it.

Keep asking, keep getting. It's a simple formula that will serve you well.

Give it a shot.