Book Notes: As A Man Thinketh // James Allen

As A Man Thinketh - James Allen Notes

Rating: 10/10

Written in 1903, this book is unbelievable wise before its time. It’s available on audio here, but I also recommend getting both the Kindle version and paper back version. James Allen is a master of articulation and his writing style is beautiful. This book brings you back to first principles when it comes to living a full life.


  • Key to personal power is in the mind

  • We get what we feed our mind

  • You must mine the mind for gold

  • Become the builder of your destiny

  • Are you planting weeds or seeds?

  • You will continue to stay stuck until you learn the lesson you need to learn

  • Circumstance does not make a person, it reveals them to themselves

  • Only you can hurt you

  • You are the reason you are where you are

  • Good results cannot come from bad thinking, just like bad results cannot come from good thinking

  • Suffering means are focusing on the wrong thing

  • How can rich people be unhappy and poor people be happy? It’s not money, it’s attitude

  • Fearful thoughts equal weak, inconsistent habits

  • Courageous thoughts equal, strong, consistent habits

  • A particular train of consistent thought will never fail to produce a result

  • We cannot directly choose our circumstances, but we can choose our thoughts

  • “You will be what you will to be” - james allen

  • Doubt and fear are the enemy of knowledge

  • Thought + purpose = creative powerhouse (free from fear)

  • The universe helps the honest man/woman

  • Laziness, lack of self control, confusion = poor results

  • Self control, directed thought, righteousness = strong results

  • As you dream so shall you become

  • In life you will receive what you earn. No more. No less.

Questions to ponder:

What is your vision of a perfect world?