Book Notes: The Strangest Secret // Earl Nightingale

The Strangest Secret - Earl Nightingale

Rating: 10/10

Written in 1957, this book is one of the best you will read/listen to for a quick hit of honest inspiration. No fluff. No noise. Just meat from one half of the famed ‘Nightingale Conant Company.




  • Men don’t think

  • The problem today is not a lack of courage, it’s conformity

  • Success is a man who is working toward the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal. Is that ideal what you want?

  • People with goals succeed before they know where they’re going

  • Most of the world congratulates mediocrity and effort. What really should be celebrated is new thinking and results.

  • It’s easy to be ordinary

  • Key to success and failure is the same

    • We become what we think about

  • It’s you’re not happy with your circumstances, create new ones

  • There are 4 prices to pay to get what you want

    • You become what you think about. You must sow positive thoughts

    • You must use your creative imagination

    • You must have courage (concentrate on your goal)

    • Save 10% of what you earn

  • Two truths:

    • Each of us wants something

    • Each of us is afraid of something

  • 30 days of Domination protocol

    • Give more in these 30 days than ever before

    • Know your purpose

    • Give yourself over to faith

    • Read interesting and inspiring books

      • Think and grow rich

      • Lead the field

      • Why Wait to be great?

  • Start acting as though it’s impossible to fail

  • Fuel goes in first, then you get the money

  • Steps to Success

    • Set a goal

    • Stop putting yourself down

    • Reduce the worry habit

    • Remove past blockages

    • Write description of the person you wish to be

    • Act the part and become that person every day