The Action Habit

More often than not, the hardest thing is simply getting started. Once you realise getting started is actually the scary part, you can trick your brain into momentum and developing the action habit.

Here's how:

  1. Bite the bullet and just start. No matter how small, just get started on something. (remember why you're actually doing something)
  2. After each minute, each rep, each rejection, each success, just tell yourself to keep going.
  3. Before thinking of anything BUT continuing, throw yourself in and do it again.

Don't let you mind trick you.

Because it will try. I guarantee it.

After 2 years of getting up early, my mind still tells me to sleep in.

After 5 years of eating 'healthy', my mind still tells me to eat sugar, breads and other crap.

After 8 years of lifting weights, my mind still tells me to stop before failure.

It doesn't end.

And of course we can't maintain this strength all the time.....!

But you need to take control and practice discipline.

Your body and mind are trying to protect themselves....because growth is uncomfortable.

Master your mind.

Master your life.