27 Lessons from 2016

Each year, towards late December, I always give myself an honest review of the previous 12 months.  I don't normally post it up, but after being inspired by a post Robin Sharma put up with some insight into his, I thought why not? Here are 27 lessons I learned and adhered to in 2016.  Some were learned early, others took work.  This is not an exhaustive list, and not all will apply for you (you might even disagree with some of them...that's good).

But here we go.  (feel free to post any of your lessons in the comments).

  1. No ask, no get
  2. If it doesn't exist, create it
  3. You are your energy
    • The only true currency.  Read the Celestine Prophecy for more on that
  4. Information is good.  Action is better.
  5. Sometimes you must walk alone.
    • First they laugh, then they copy!
  6. There is no positive without negative
    • Sometimes you just have to look a little deeper
  7. There is a lesson in everything
    • Your choice whether you see it as a blessing or a burden
  8. Play the long game
    • be the MASTER
  9. Find your own voice
    • No parrots allowed.  Take the best and start crafting your own voice and message
  10. Goals are good.  Principles are better.
    • Live by core principles and you will never fall short of 'goals'
  11. Make time to play
    • Give up the 'endless optimisation'
  12. Do things your way
    • This is why I created my own business.  To do things MY way!
  13. Reflect Honestly, Reflect often
    • Weekly (minimum)
  14. Run decisions through the three tests
    • Head, Heart, Gut.  Must pass 2/3 before it's a yes.
  15. Value is in the eye of the beholder
    • Beer is of no value to me.  Books are.  For others, it's the complete opposite.
  16. Everyone is creative
    • Draw, sing, write, produce, make
  17. Sink or swim
    • Always swim
  18. Be careful who you trust
    • Always ask what do they want (and how can you help them get that, while you get what you want)
  19. Lead by inspiration, not intimidation
    • It ALWAYS pays better dividends
  20. Don't follow the crowd
    • Draw inspiration from best practice, but never follow the crowd
  21. Find your greatness
    • Everyone has it within.  Pull back the mud and reveal the gold
  22. Discover your values
    • and then follow them
  23. Invest in you
    • You are your biggest asset.  Never skimp
  24. Cheap in, cheap out
    • Buy the best food you can afford, stay at the best hotels you can afford, buy the best clothes you can afford
  25. be nice.
    • simple one from me here.  it's easy, fun and free.
  26. Integrity always wins
    • Always.
  27. Take the shot
    • You won't always score, but at least you're in the game.

Thanks for reading..! Much love.