Finish Strong - How to WIN The Last Part of the Year

Up in Brisbane for the week and feeling GREAT. It's early, I've journaled, I've read and I've got a hot cup of coffee with me ready to share some wisdom with you. There's just something about escaping the normality of routine and switching things up that forces you to both grow and relax at the same time.


Today, as we embark on the last little part of the year, I want to help KICKSTART you into a whole new gear. While most are winding down, we are just getting started!

Below I have written what I call 'The 27 Potent Points of Personal Power' What does that mean though? Well, it's 27 small (but intense) pieces of hard out wisdom passed down through the ages to help YOU play your best your business, your relationships (with both self and others), your life, and your future.

These are not 'endpoints' of wisdom. But actually starting points. I want you to use these not as temporary 'feel-good' fuel...

But instead, as a kindling to get your inner fire re-lit and bring back the passion, productivity and purpose inside your life as we head towards the last month of 2018.

Let's begin:

1. Commit to giving up your addiction to distraction.

2. Aim to always be a person of EXTREME value.

3. Focus on delivering your very best.

4. Start. Today.

5. There is always hope for the future. Sometimes you've just got to look a little harder.

6. Become freaky good at what you do.

7. Focus on your gifts, not your grievances.

8. Study yourself intensely.

9. Better knowledge leads to better awareness. Better awareness leads to better decisions. Better decisions lead to better results.

10. Only YOU know what's truly best for you.

11. Have the courage to dance to the music playing in your heart.

12. Guard your focus like your life depends on it.

13. Never be shy with your ambitions, goals or actions.

14. Rise early and win the day.

15. Take at least 1 hour a day to work on project YOU.

16. When it comes to delivering your service, always sweat the small stuff. The small stuff DOES matter.

17. Education might make you a living. But self-education will make you a life.

18. Stop running a story of defeat. Re-write the script of your life so you WIN.

19. Do the work. Today. And every day henceforth.

20. Never drop your standards to accommodate for someone else's insecurities.

21. 1% daily growth compounded over 10 years is impossible to beat.

22. Whatever you do, actually DO it.

23. Discover what makes you happy and do more of that.

24. Destroy comparison by focusing on you and your clients ONLY.

25. No-one is coming to save you. Save yourself first.

26. THINK before you speak, act or jump to conclusions.

27. Face your demons head-on. They're there to teach you the lesson you most need to learn.

What's important here, is that you try not to just quickly gloss over the above. I want you to go back over it. I want you to study it by re-reading the entire list (this time starting from the bottom). You will notice 1 or 2 items that really stand out.

These are the things you truly needed to hear today. I know with the right 'growthset' (growth mindset), attitude and master blueprint you can dominate the remaining 41 days of this year. You've still got 6 weeks to kick it up a gear and WIN. There's still time... Don't write yourself off.

Let's WIN.