3 audio books that have COMPLETELY changed my life over (...and how they will help you too)

One of the biggest things I've learnt recently is being able to critically evaluate yourself without losing motivation and focus.  Despite sounding easy...putting it into practice at times has been tough.
It takes a bigger vision that you KNOW you're destined for great things...which I know you are.
We all are.
The reason for today's blog post is to share with you three audio books that I believe have truly shaped me as a learner, teacher and human over the past 12 months.
I have listened to over fifty books and these three continuously stand out and are at the top of my audio book leader board.
1. The Power Of Vulnerability - Brene Brown
Wow, what a book! This has literally 1500+ 5 star reviews on audible.com and it's no wonder...this will honestly kick you square in the face with brutal honesty and straight forwardness.
Brene goes where not many others have gone (and with a great humour in it too).  With over 13 years of research into guilt and shame, I Highly Highly HIGHLY recommend it.
2. Advanced Learning Techniques - Brian Tracy
Seriously if you've ever spoken to me or heard me speak, you'll know I highly rate anything Brian Tracy does.
In fact he is actually the speaker/author of 8 titles in my audio book collection and over a dozen titles in my bookshelf at home.
What impresses me most about this man is not just his ability to break complex topics down and make them manageable, but that he is completely self made.  He grew up with nothing and at the age of 26 decided enough was enough and started kicking ass.
This book will help you DOMINATE your learning (if you apply the techniques of course) and ramp it up to a whole new level.
3. The Leader Who Had No Title - Robin Sharma

Robin is one of those gravitational style of people.  Whether it be Richard Branson or Mark Zuckerberg, Robin seems to be able to connect with them all.

In this audio book he takes you through a journey of 4 regular people who put in an amazing effort in their roles and perform at WORLD CLASS levels (setting them apart from the others).  It is a great book to listen to over and over again....which I have done around 8 times now.

Robin is one of a kind and I am hoping to get to Canada later in the year to see him speak at a Summit he is hosting.

Best news of all, you can choose one of these books completely for free on audible.com.  Just use this link and sign up for a free title.
Oh and the reason I love audible is because it is just so easy to buy, download and listen on so many different devices.  (I use my iPhone). It remembers which part of the book you're up to, and finally audible's marketplace has the best titles!
Check them out today and let me know how you go.
Would love to see if they impact your life as much as they have mine.