3 Minutes To Live

Was having a coaching call this week with one of my friends, who asked me one of the most important questions I've ever been asked.
Imagine you are sitting on the edge of a cliff and watching the world come to an end. There are three minutes left for humanity and you are only able to do one thing..
In that very moment, with three minutes left for all existence, what are you doing..?
With crystal clarity, I pictured myself on the edge of that cliff with my laptop where I was writing about the gift of life. I was sharing my thoughts around the concept of this thing we call life, and how it's up to us to live before that decision is no longer ours.
My life's goal is to help people see the unseen. To highlight to themselves the burning question: "Am I doing all I can, with all I have?"
So many of us are given such unique and powerful gifts, yet because of fear and limiting beliefs, we hold back from truly ever expressing our greatness to it's fullest.
The wait is over.
The time is now.
Time to step up.
Time to show us.
Time to become great.
Thank-you Fabian for asking, and thank-you for those who took the time to read this.
Much love.