3 ways to kickstart your 2018

I wanted to send you a quick note to get you prepared and ready to dominate 2018 with me.

Over the past two months, I've been on a social media hiatus. It's been brilliant to remove myself from the comparison trap and (sometimes) time-wasting disease that is social media - of course, there are good elements to it as well, but the break was long overdue and much needed.

I'm not even sure when I will be back just yet! (enjoying the break too much)...

What I wanted to do today though, was to shoot you over three ways that you can get 2018 off to a great start and within the first 14 days, be further ahead than most people will be in the first three months!



1. Write down your goals. I've always been a huge fan of carrying a journal (ask those who know me - I take that little black diary everywhere). There are no rules with this one. Literally just sit down (each day) and write down what you'd love to achieve.

A formula that you might like to use is as follows:

  • What do I want
  • Where am I right now
  • What will get in my way?
  • How can I stop that happening in advance?
  • Who or what do I need to recruit to speed up the process?

This simple 5 step formula can act as a blueprint or a prompt to start your goal setting process.


2. Get clear on your intentions for the next 90 days.

I like to get clear on my three month blocks. Going longer than this, I've found that I tend to lose the intensity and focus I require. Going shorter, and I'll set goals too low. Each 90 days I set myself a major focus and then have around 5 smaller focuses under that.

My first for this year is to run a small workshop with my good friend, Craig Harper to help you become a better public speaker. Craig has over 30 years experience in public speaking, and I have been able to successfully use public speaking as a platform to continue delivering my message and open up many more business opportunities.

I will have more information about this in the coming weeks for you, but I promise you, if you want to be a more confident speaker and thought leader, this 1 day course will be perfect for you.

But, now, it's your turn to get clear on your intentions and make the promise to yourself on what you would love to achieve first and foremost in the first 90 days of 2018.



3. Buy yourself a wall length calendar.

One thing I do for my Elite clients is buy them all a wall length calendar. It has the entire year on it - day by day and is over 1m wide.

I love doing this (and of course, have one myself) because you can clearly see what is coming up and what you have planned for the entire year in one glance.

I like to set out my appointments, book the retreats I'm running, speaking gigs I've been hired for and of course, courses that I will be attending as a student too.

It's a great way to maintain your focus and get you excited about the possibilities coming up. The larger your vision, the bigger the impact.

2018 is going to be a big year for you (if you want it to be that is).

Looking forward to continually serving you, and helping you reach your goals.