4 Step Formula for Change

Do you ever struggle with the uncertainty around your future? Wondering if the business you're in, is the right one?

Worrying that things aren't going as fast as you'd like?

Wishing you could be successful...NOW?

Welcome to the club. You are just like 99% of business owners out there.

I wanted to share with you a simple 4 step formula that has really helped me during times of transition and confusion, as well as many others.

Step 1: Be specific

What is it EXACTLY that isn't working in your business right now?

Is it bringing in new leads, is it knowing what to do with your marketing, is it closing sales, is it getting too many refund requests, is it low drive to continue?

Write out exactly what it is (and if it's multiple, give each one a new row)

Just by identifying the problem, you're going to take away half the worry.


Step 2: Be Grateful

OK so we know what ISN'T working - but now we need to know what is working. So often we will tell ourselves a story that everything is broken.

More often than not..that's a lie. List all the things that are working and that've worked in the past.

  • What have been you best lead sources?
  • Your best closing lines that've helped you make important sales?
  • What do all your current customers have in common?
  • How have you trouble shooted problems successfully in the past?

As Dr Demartini mentioned at one of my last events: "Those who are grateful, get more to be grateful for."


Step 3: Get Clear

Now you know what is and isn't working. The next step is to discover exactly what it would look like, if things were going as you wished.

If a builder showed up on a job site with no plans, no tools and no-one around to ask, how could we expect a house to be built?

Same goes for your business. You need to know where you're heading, have the right tools, and then have the right guidance in times of need.

Get clear on what how you would like things. Any detail you leave out now becomes a challenge you'll need to overcome later.


Step 4: Get Moving

Knowing is not enough. You need to act. I know it's something you've heard before, but how many times have you read an article like this and thought: "yeah yeah, I'll get around to it" before jumping off and doing something low priority.

What I encourage you to do is grab your journal, take the highest priority action step to help you succeed, and then GO.

Like a rocket with new fuel, blast away and put some firepower behind your goals.

Stop complicating things.

Stop looking for the next best secret.

Build your brand like you would a tall building - with solid foundations and quality materials.


Now....go do the work :)