4 Ways to Live More Whole-Heartedly (trust me it's way more fun)

In this episode I share with you four 'grate' strategies to help you become more grateful. I honestly didn't know the power of gratitude until one of my mentors showed me. It wasn't until I started to write down what I was grateful for that I fully appreciated what I have.

Now I can write down 200 different items that I'm grateful for in my life and it has really opened my eyes.

It's an exercise that you might like to try among others that I share in this video.




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Ladies and Gentlemen, Hayden Wilson here for Learn Share Grow live. We’ve got a great video here today and it’s all about whole heartedly living.

A few years ago, or even 12 months ago, if you had told me I was going to make a video on this I would probably have laughed because I really didn’t believe in any of this stuff. I was all about just working harder and getting things done. But as I’ve researched more and learned more about myself and what you can achieve, and helping other people get the same results, it’s really opened up my eyes so I’ve got four things that I’m going to share with you here today to start to live more whole heartedly and have more fun and start to enjoy life a little bit more. There is a time for work, but there’s also a time to play – a few of the things I’m going to go over today.

The first thing that I want you to do and this is – these are the activities from numerous studies over years and decades – of people who are whole heartedly enjoy and participate in. This is how they live their lives day-to-day. It’s not that they don’t do the other stuff but this is a good guide for what you can do. So the first thing to do is to get creative. What we know about creativity is – a lot of people have what we call creativity scars. When you were younger, quite honesty, there’s an 85% chance that you had someone who put down your creative work and that meant that you no longer perceived yourself as a creative person. I can tell that from experience, I had this and I never thought I was a creative person. But I look into my history now and what we know about creativity is that it doesn’t go away. It’s not like, if you don’t use it all of a sudden it’s fine. It builds up, and builds up, and builds up until we have to, we must release it in a creative way. So by not having those frustrations and letting it out and living the way that we want to live – drawing and maybe writing a story, writing a song, or dancing – which we’ll get into - but there are all these different ways to be creative. Thinking, brainstorming and all these different fantastic ideas and how powerful the human mind is that we can start to release. I want you to get a little bit creative and think of a few different ways – and even chuck them in the comments – on how you’re going to be creative in your life and start to live in a creative way.

The second thing that you need to do is sing, laugh and dance a bit more. You’ve been to weddings and to situations where dancing or singing is appropriate. I can guarantee how much more fun it is, whether you’re up there being silly, or making a mockery of yourself, but really just enjoying yourself, I can guarantee you it’s 10 times more fun. So I really want you participating in singing and dancing more with your family or your loved ones and just letting go of trying to be cool and really embracing and having a good time because we all know that when you do that it’s a lot better.

The third thing that you can try is to start to play more. When we look at what play is it’s when you’re not keeping a track on time, you’re not keeping a track of a score, and you just lose yourself in the moment which is often called flow as well. Really just enjoy what you’re doing. A lot of the time, I’ve found that play to me doesn’t involve money. For me it’s a lot of riding around on my bike and talking to people and visiting cafes, doing stuff that I really love doing and connecting with people. Making these videos is play for me. Researching and reading, that’s play for me, it doesn’t take effort, it doesn’t take a huge amount of will power to read a book. For me, that’s play, that’s enjoyment. I want you to find out for you, what you find is play. That might be having a round of golf or playing tennis or going to the gym which is very popular or maybe it’s just curling up with a book and spending some time by yourself, or watching your favourite TV shows. All these things, as long as you’re not keeping track of time, these are great activities to participate in. Participate in, and stop seeing productivity as self worth. If you don’t get something done you’re all of a sudden down in the dumps – that’s how I used to think – if I didn’t get these 30 items on my check list done, and that’s honestly how many stupidly large check lists I used to have – and if I didn’t get them all done I didn’t feel worthy of sleeping or watching the TV show or doing something in my life. So I really want you to take a leaf out of my book and learn from my mistakes and just start to play more.

The last thing we’ve got is to just be authentic. I know this is quite a buzz word right now and that’s why I’m trying to bring in and I’ll coin the term, genuinely authentic, genuine authenticity. So when you are being your true self and being who you truly are, life becomes so much easier. There are certain situations that I can remember how I used to try and fit in. The problem with when you try and fit in and it’s not really yourself, is if in that situation you’re not accepted you see that as shaming and you think that you don’t belong and that there’s something wrong with you. Whereas if you are authentic and you go into a new group situation and you might not be accepted, you think well look, that’s all that I can do, I’m being myself, what more can I do. The answer is nothing. So you just need to find other people, there are so many different groups and people and activities that we can perform, you don’t necessarily need to be friends with this group of people or participate in this activity, you don’t need to have these businesses or do this at work, if that’s not really who you are. So really make a conscious effort on being authentic, who are you really and who do you want to be – let that person shine and bring yourself out. Trust me, it’s so much easier being authentic. You’re seeing my authentic self producing these videos, it’s a creative thing that I like to do and a play thing, so it’s embracing all these different elements of whole hearted living. I want you to try and embrace that within your life.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, jump over to haydenwilson.com.au. Thanks for watching Learn Share Grow live. I’ll catch you next week. Ciao.