5 Lessons Learned from Craig Harper’s High Performance Lifestyle Workshop

Recently I was fortunate enough to attend Craig Harper’s, High Performance Workshop. If you have never heard of Craig, he is a Human Connection GENIUS. Although I suspect he would hate me using the word genius. Craig does not see himself like that. He doesn’t stand on a soap box, he speaks in a language we can all understand and wears a tshirt with cargo shorts most of the time. He is just a regular guy. Which is why I think people connect with him so well.

In March 2016, I, and around 200 others gave up one of our Saturday afternoons to pack out a room in Moorabbin, Victoria. I use the word ‘gave up’, yet in actuality, I feel we were privileged to have the opportunity and really, didn’t give up anything. We gained something very valuable.

Those 3 hours of content were built using a lifetime of experience via Craig, and to condense it for his audience meant we effectively saved ourselves years of running on the hedonistic treadmill. (Read: Getting and Staying Happy).

Before I get into the lessons, I should also make note that I am looking to further myself in the public speaking and coaching realm, so I am going to dedicate 1 of the 5 points to how the event was run. This includes the excellent help via Craig’s P.A Melissa (and the rest of the team who helped run the event), but also how Craig was able to captivate and hold the audience’s attention.

I should also make mention I could make this list 50 items long...! But if you want to see that, book yourself in to hear Craig speak at his next workshop (you will not be disappointed).

So without further ado, let’s get into it.


Lesson 1: Motivation Is Fleeting

The problem with motivation is, it runs out. We get super excited about a new project, diet or workout plan and throw ourselves in with 10/10 enthusiasm. This is when our willpower ‘muscle’ is fully rested and ready for action. But before we give ourselves time to get good at the specific task or achieve our goal we start to lose interest.

What once seemed like our life’s purpose….slowly dwindles away and our motivation is gone.

The couch becomes all too comfy.  We slip back into our old eating patterns and we make no progress....yet again!

But why does this happen?

The problem is, Willpower is what Craig calls a “Sometimes emotion”.

Sometimes it’s there, sometimes you just can’t be bothered and unless you start to see tangible results, that motivation will quickly disappear.

The truth is, willpower gets you started. Habits keep you going.

Therefore, we need to learn how to transform whatever we are working on, from an activity - into a habit.

For this to occur (in a lasting way), it must align with our values system.  This is where many of us go wrong. We drain all of our ‘willpower’ thinking this is what we want and try our hardest to complete an activity…yet it’s not what we truly value, so the willpower disappears and we are left with a big bowl of ice-cream and in the same position we've always been in (or sometimes worse).

In order to lose 10kg your reasoning needs to be stronger than ‘just because’ or ‘to fit back into those jeans’.

You need to dig deeper. Why are you really doing it? (something I go into depth on later in this article)

Here is an example:

"I want to lose 10kg to fit into those jeans….SO THAT I have more confidence SO THAT I attract more members of the opposite sex".

By using the words; “so that” you can start to really dig deep and it isn't until the second instance of 'so that' where we really discover why we are wanting to do it.

So attention and recognition is what the true ‘value’ above is. (Which I might add there is nothing wrong with and it’s completely natural. We all want to be noticed and made to feel important.)

So your job is to figure out your values. This is going to make sticking to things and completing them a lot easier.

Ask yourself what your goals are, then continue to question yourself and ask "So that" until you get to the real reason.


Lesson 2: Following Up is Everything.

Whether you want to call it follow up or follow through, the message is the same. Often we sabotage ourselves out of finishing what we start.

Our own limiting beliefs stop us in our tracks. "I’m too tired to go for a run", "I’m too old to start a business", "I’m too young to be a business consultant" (something I struggled with). The truth is, we can do anything we want to when we follow a simple 3 step formula:

3 Steps To Achieve Anything You Want.

  1. Figure out what you want.
  2. Build a plan to get there.
  3. Work on that plan without wavering until it’s completion.

Too often we get caught up with shiny new objects, new projects, different ways to do things, or pointless busy work. Life gets in the way and before we know it 3 months turns into 3 years and 20 turns into 30. And unless we do something about it we will be in the exact same position we were.

Craig explains this all too well when he used the perfect analogy of the 200+ people in the room. He is the first to admit he might not know much about business (which I disagree with! but regardless), but he is a gun at following up.

He acquired the knowledge and skills to deliver a workshop, rented a room, organized tickets, let people know about the event, showed up and delivered.

Always finish what you start.

You’ll be amazed at what you can actually achieve.


Lesson 3: All Change comes from discomfort

I am a huge proponent of this point and have explained via my social media many times how real change comes from getting out of that comfort zone.


Often many of us (including myself) get comfortable in certain situations and never give ourselves a chance to grow. We become complacent. What happens next is things don’t change.

And sometimes we wonder "why?".

In 2015, I left my comfortable full time role and decided to go full time in my own web design and online marketing business. Was it scary? Yes. Was it uncomfortable? Yes. Was it the right move? Yes.

I’m not saying you have to leave your job (far from it). Instead, figure out what you want to change in your life, take the necessary actions and no matter how uncomfortable it feels, keep working and refining your skills in the area until you become great.

And remember, if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.


Lesson 4: Know Your Why, Not Just Your What.

Many people make the key mistake of not understanding the difference between why they’re doing something and what they’re doing.

So here is the simple distinction.

The ‘What’ is the goal itself.  The ‘Why’ is the reasoning behind that goal.  The driver.  The horsepower.

For example:

  • What – Lose 10kg….
  • Why – To fit into the wedding dress and look beautiful on my special day
  • What – Grow my business to $X amount per year…
  • Why – To live a life on my own terms, make my own decisions and not have a traditional ‘boss’.

Make sense?

So when we come from a place of knowing our why, it makes continuing a lot easier in times of crisis. When we want to sleep in on that cold morning, remember WHY we are doing what we are doing. When we want to procrastinate and avoid making phone calls to prospects, remember why we are doing it in the first place.


Lesson 5: Make People Feel Individual in a Room Full of People.

As I mentioned at the start of this article, I am a always on the lookout for public speaking opportunities and am always keen to help others become their best. As such I was observing throughout the day how Craig handled the room, and even though there was 200+ people in that room, he made everyone in that room feel like he was talking to THEM (including me).

This is the true way to captivate and connect with an audience.

In particular, Craig would often give us exercises to write down and help us ‘think’.  This helped everyone in the room have their own unique experience. (Despite all of us being in the same room, listening to the same speaker, at the same time, on the same day).

My answers were for me, Shirley, the woman I met who sat next to me had a different set of answers.  And Darren who was over the other side of the room had his own set of answers.


The seminar was one of the best I have been to and I highly recommend getting to any of Craig’s upcoming events (which he posts on Facebook).

To learn more about Craig, it’s best to jump over to his Facebook where he posts a ton of real content designed to help wake you up.

To discuss public speaking opportunities based around leadership, building habits, willpower and performance, please contact me here.