5 More Ways to Get the Edge

Want the edge, this is a good start....! 1) Read Everyday. (95% of people never finish a non fiction book after school. Elevate yourself by reading every day. 15 mins per day = 12 books per year. 30 mins per day = 25 books per year. 60 mins per day = Over 60 books per year!)

2) Remove all Newspapers and TV news from your life. (It's fear mongering BS.  That is all.)

3) Ask for Feedback. (We don't know what we don't know, so ask for honest feedback...and don't be cranky with the answers. Use it as fuel to get better)

4) Learn to Say No. (A lot of the time, success isn't about what you say yes to, it's about what you say no to. Stop pleasing everyone and put yourself first)

5) Reward Yourself. (What's the point in doing all of this if you don't reward yourself? You MUST reward yourself with things that will fuel

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