5 things.

5 things to give up before 2017 starts.
90% of people don't care, and the other 10% are glad it's you)

- Gossiping.
Destructive negative self talk about others brings negative energy to yourself. Focus on yourself, your customers and your loved ones. Let them

- Fearing 'it'.
Stop making a mountain out of a molehill. You know what 'it' is. Face it, vocalise it, think about what it will mean to dominate it, and get ready to make it your new normal in 2017.

- Pointless Television/Magazines/News.
Enough is enough. Time to remove this garbage from your life. Switch off the junk and switch on to what's really important)

- Talking without action.
You're not fooling anyone. Don't talk about a diet implement the strategies to make sure the weight comes off. Don't talk about your idea - register your business and find your first customer. Don't talk about wanting something - put in the work and make it yours.

5 things to do before 2017 starts.
- Forgive someone.
Look at what you learned from that experience and do not stop until you have 20 reasons how it served you. Stop holding onto the past and be grateful for the position you're now in because of their actions.

- Spoil a loved one.
Take a loved one eg; partner, mum, dad, family member, out for a nice evening. Book a nice restaurant. Hire a hotel. Go for breakfast. Have a wine/beer and relax with them.

- Book that holiday.
Buy a wall calendar. Grab a PERMANENT marker and block off time for your holiday. It's proven those who have something to look forward to are happier and more focused in their everyday lives.

Begin a long term savings account.
It is quite alarming the actual amount of money you need in savings to be able to live at a comfortable lifestyle when you take inflation and cost of living into account. Do not rely on the government to 'save' you with their pension. It may not exist. You must take full responsibility. Financial freedom is not just going to happen. You need a strategy. Put away 10% of income every week into an account you cannot touch. Do this automatically. This reduces any chance of your emotions getting in the way.

- Try something new.
yoga, dancing, the gym, a new sport, a book club, a business idea, knitting, fishing, camping, gardening. Raise your awareness and get out of that comfort zone.

5 things to help your planning for 2017.
- Be congruent.
Make sure your goals are congruent with your values. If you don't value it, you won't do it.

- Play the long game.
Remember we have 365 days..don't attempt to trick yourself into think you're superman. Chip away every single day at your most important tasks. Dominate your days, and you will dominate your year.

- Write and share.
Write out your top 10 goals and share it with the world. The first part of this will get it out of your head and make it real, the second part will help increase the chances of it happening by using the fear of looking like a public failure.

- Get an accountability partner/coach.
Find someone that will actually care about your results. Sometimes that will be a close 'growth' friend, other times it's a paid coach. Either way, I recommend you have someone to offer constructive but REAL feedback on what is happening in your world.

- Stop judging your past.
Your past does not define you. Your future does. Stop judging yourself on what has happened in the past and start looking how you can grow and develop in the future..!

5 books to read in 2017.
- The Alchemist - Paul Coelho
- The Magic of Thinking Big - David Schwartz
- Mindset - Carol Dweck
- The Willpower Instinct - Kelly McGonigal
- The Leader who had no Title - Robin Sharma

5 habits to develop in 2017.
- Exercise - get moving.
- Gratitude - those who are grateful receive more to be grateful for.
- Journaling - get those your thoughts onto paper. Clarity is king.
- Learning - Reading, attending seminars, watching webinars, listening to podcast and audio books. Use your days wisely and always be learning.
- Destress - Commit to a weekly massage, go for nature walks, visit the beach, let your toes ground with the earth, breath deep and realise no matter what life is going to throw at you...you will handle it...(you always have, right?)

5 things to 'be' in 2017
Be great. Be fun. Be nice. Be loving. Be fearless.

Let's do it.
We still have 10 weeks until 2017 starts. This is a preview of what you need to be aware of and prepare for.
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Lots of love. Hayden