5 Things you Didn't Know about Hayden Wilson (and what you can learn from them)

I have always been reluctant to share too much of my private life. I generally like to keep the worlds somewhat separate, but I want to now get to know you a little better.  And what better way to do that than to share some information with you.

I also invite you to write down a couple of things I don't know about you in the comments section at the bottom of this email.

So here we go.

1. I am a former competitive eater

pancakes Yes that is correct, I went by the name of Hungry Haydo and have competed over 80 challenges. During this phase of my life, I learnt a TON about sales and marketing....and rejection.

Essentially I had to sell myself to restaurants and back in 2011-12 there was no-one doing the competitive eating thing.  I had to explain myself a lot and get rejected by a ton of places before I started getting some traction.

What really helped this kick off was two things: 1. I started raising money for charity along with it, 2. I literally told EVERYONE I was an eater, and asked if they wanted to support by donating.

This is key to become successful in your work.  I say work, because at the time, I was treating it with the importance of proper work.  This attitude helped me raise over $28,000 for Prostate Cancer and generate 'fans' from all over the world.

You must tell people what you do (don't be shy) and show your passion towards it.

Besides raising the money for charity it opened up many doors such as:

- the catalyst for a website design business - a 3.5 year role with the Arnold Classic Australia/Doherty's Gym - a great conversation starter - COUTNLESS free meals - relationships with a ton of Melbourne business owners - National travels - A supplement sponsorship agreement (thanks Bulk Nutrients) - a lot more!

2. I have a Ridgeback x Kelpie, named Basil.

basilchrismas If you follow my instagram you will have seen this awesome pup.  Basil was a rescue dog meaning his first human owners couldn't care for him.  I was at first a little skeptical about getting a rescue dog as I didn't know if they were prone to extra problems, or if he would suffer from anxiety or what!?  But the truth is, he is the best dog I've ever met/had (i'm pretty biased, but hey..it's my blog, I can do what I want).

The biggest lesson Basil has taught me, is about communication.  Learning to communicate and speak to your dog is a truly unique experience.  The loyalty he shows is incredible and by taking the time to learn how to speak with him, has worked wonders for his obedience and control.

Just like with human's, if you learn how to effectively share your message and listen to what people are saying, you can both come to an agreement.

Take the time to learn some new communication techniques and watch your professional life excel.

3. I own 10 plain grey shirts and 10 plain black shirts that I wore for the majority of 2015.


Before I started wearing dress shirts in late 2015 (which I'll explain the importance of in a later article) I would exclusively wear either two tops.  Black or Grey.  My black ones for working out, the grey ones for everyday life.

What this did was eliminate my wasting any of my 'decision making power' on something as trivial as what to wear to the gym.

You see, you only have a certain amount of decision making points each day.  If you're wasting it on something as minimal as what to wear, you're taking away from important decision such as what to write about in your blog, which exercises to put in a clients training program for effective results, or what healthy food choices to make.

The choices we make are crucial to our success.  Set yourself up to make smart choice from the getgo.

This is a great lesson I learned from Barry Schwartz in his book: The Paradox of choice.  Pick it up.

P.S: I also walk Basil the same way each morning, drive/ride the same way to work, eat the same breakfast etc.  Very boring.

4. I set myself strict routines

routine Routines are the backbone of progress.  I have been criticised and made fun of by some of the routines I have (like 4:30am wake ups, reading every day, eating the same breakfast, wearing the same shirt etc) but at the end of the day, once you can start to create good habits and see their benefits, you won't look back.

People will tell you you're boring.  I guarantee you that.

But at the end of the day, look where you are and where you're going, and then look where they are.....let that make up your mind.

In saying this, you need to know when to be flexible.  For example, if you stay up late 3 nights in a row working on some programs, and are getting up at 5:30 to train clients...that's not going to be the most effective way to make progress. Be smart about it.  You're not a hero if you're not getting anything done.

5. I have sent invites to countless professionals to come on my podcast...often never hearing back.

1400newptprophetartwork After starting the podcast back in Dec 2013, I have probably sent emails to over 400 professionals asking if they would like to come on my show.  Often 3, 4 or 5 times to the same ones (which can bring the total to beyond 1000 emails actually sent).

How many have said yes and actually hooked it up?

Well, I have released 62 episodes.....

The truth of the matter is, it's not for everyone, and generally, the guests I'm speaking with are busy people.

They have many different businesses and coming on a podcast isn't an immediate revenue generator.

What it will do, is increase their Alexa ranking (good for the Googles), and provide another 'Tentacle' for people to find and be pulled into their brand, as online marketing legend, James Schramko often speaks about.

The thing is, just like my competitive eating days, I had to learn and embrace the fact that rejection isn't personal. (something you must know about business).

If they don't say yes...it doesn't necessarily mean no...it just means not yet.

The podcast however has been phenomenal for my personal and business growth.  Podcasting has given me the opportunity to speak with HIGH level coaches and reach a lot of trainers/coaches to help with their problems.

You can learn more about how kick ass podcasting is and it's power on the following link: Power of the Podcast.


OK so I hope that gives you a little bit more of an insight into who I am, what I've learnt over the last couple of years, and how you can benefit from my mistakes/life lessons.

I would love to know 1 random fact about you, chuck it in the comments section below and open up.

You'll be glad you did.