8 Things I Learned Today at a Success Seminar (Outside of my Industry)


Today I had the privilege of learning from some of Australia's (if not the world's) most elite real estate agents.

No, I'm not in Real Estate, nor do I intend to be...but if you're given the opportunity to listen to some of the most successful people in a particular industry talk about HOW they got to the top for under $200...you take it!

Here are my 8 key takeaways from the day:


1. 'Success Leaves Clues'

All throughout the day, most of the high level speakers kept referencing either each other, or other famous people who they deemed 'successful'.

Study the top 10 people inside of any industry and you will discover what made them so successful.  Then all you need to do is replicate it. (honestly...it's that simple!  note: I said simple, not easy).

The funny thing is, a good friend of mine, Harry Korras also continually drills this into me.  "Success leaves clues, Hayden".  They all say this for good reason...it's true!

Bonus Points: Take this a step further and do whatever it takes to get in front of them and ask them their own secrets to success in person. (Charles Poliquin mentions this technique in a podcast we did together here).  It may cost more in $$ terms, but it will SKYROCKET the opportunities for you.


2. Emphasis on voice and pausing during public speaking

A master at public speaking, Tom Panos, used very deliberate pauses throughout the day when he spoke for 45 minutes, in addition to being the emcee for the day.  Tom also made good use of increasing the volume of his voice at various points to create importance.

The technique is gold and I encourage you to look further into Tom's work if you want to pursue public speaking events (which you should to create expert status).


3. Always be hungry

Something that #3 agent, Marcus Chiminello mentioned was that he is never complacent!  Along Marcus, that not one single speaker stated that they felt they'd done 'enough'.  Each and everyone of them explained throughout their talks that they were always hungry for more.

That is the world we live in.  Today more than ever it is paramount to never be complacent and understand that you must always be learning and striving to be better than the man (or woman) in the mirror.  The future is better than the present, and you have the power to change this.


4. Allocate your time effectively

All speakers explained the importance of blocking out time and using it wisely.  Shut off those emails while you bash out some content from 9am-11am each morning, hide in a quiet cafe while you need to write those programs on a Wednesday afternoon.

Australia's elite real estate performers NEVER waste a second.  Yes they enjoy their down time, but when it's work time, they work.  You need to do the same.

Plus to show you these guys practice what they preach: John McGrath spoke for 45 minutes, before he had to jet off (literally...he had a flight to catch 30 minutes after speaking) and as I was walking to my car at lunch I saw James Tostevin running to his vehicle after delivering a killer talk.

Be wise with your time as we aren't getting any more of it!


5. Say No more often.

Stop being a people pleaser and realise that you only need the approval of one person...


Do you find yourself performing useless tasks that make no sense?  Why are you doing them?

I'm going to assume you're your own boss right now, which translates to the above making even less sense...you give yourself the instructions each day, so make sure when you're dishing them out, give yourself the best advantage you can!

Say Yes to tasks that increase your value, and no to those that detract from your value.


6. Connection is King.

Every one of the speakers that was on stage today mentioned just how important it is to keep their clients informed.  This translates over to personal training too.

I recommend having 3 lists and keeping each of the people inside these lists up to date with all things that are happening in the world of training right now.

1. Prospecting Clients:  These are potential clients that you may have met or been introduced to recently that aren't quite your clients yet.  Keep a record of the types of things that might like, and shoot them a call or email with some relevant information.

2. Current Clients:  Let's not forget about those that are already inside of your client base.  Make sure to keep these guys u to date with new industry trends, fresh training techniques and general courtesy appreciation messages.

3. Former Clients: Clients come and go for many reasons.  They may not have enough money to continue, they may not be seeing the value in your training (I hope not) or they may be moving interstate (opportunity for online training here).  Either way, you have a much higher chance of getting them back some day by keeping front of mind and providing value.  It doesn't cost much of your time and is a wise investment of your time.


7. "Kill Monsters while they're little"

I love this gem from Austrlia's #39th ranked agent, Chris Hassall.  Basically it means don't let things build up and become a huge problem.  When you identify something that needs doing, complete it before it spirals out of control and will take you 3, 4 or 5 times as long to complete.


8. Become World Class

It doesn't matter what you're doing in life, whether it is counting reps, designing websites, selling real estate, making coffee or cleaning toilets...do your very best.

You can create a very strong name for yourself in any industry by performing your skill at world class.


Overall the day was super productive, I met a few great people and apart from the lunch buffet offering nothing but empty carbs and little to no protein sources, It was a well worth the investment.

I encourage you to now look outside of the fitness industry and attend some alternative industry events.  Not only will you discover a huge array of potential clients to network with, you never know what opportunities will present themselves.

Stay Hungry.

Kind Regards, Hayden


More Info from REB Top 100 Secrets: http://top100secrets.com.au

The speaking list included the following:

  • Tom Panos
  • John Mcgrath
  • Marcus Chimenello
  • James Tostevin
  • Nick Renna
  • James Heavyside
  • Chris Hassall
  • Glen Coutinho