Book Notes - John Demartini: The Riches Within

Recently finished John DeMartini's "The Riches Within". I've had a lot of exposure to DeMartini, and have also interviewed him, so this book was designed for me to not only support his material (as a way of paying him back for the many, many lessons learned), but also to have on my book shelf (I love buying great books and having them on my shelf).

Here are my notes:


  • 7 Fears
    • Scarcity
    • Judgement
    • Lack of intelligence
    • Physical Inadequacies
    • Failure
    • Rejection
    • Authority (spiritual power)
  • If you don't plant flowers, you're forever pulling weeds
  • Remove fears with balance (seeing both sides)

Chapter 1: Mental Treasures

  • Fuel your mind with inspiration
    • books
    • fine art
    • great music

Chapter 2: Physical Treasures

  • Plan to live to 120
  • Balance the breath
  • Disease us simply telling your body something

Chapter 3: Spiritual Treasures

  • Determining values
    • How do I fill my space?
    • How do I spend my time?
    • How do I spend my energy?
    • How do I spend my money?
    • Where am I most organised?
    • Where am I most disciplined?
    • What do I think about?
    • What do I visualise most?
    • WHat do I talk to myself about?
    • What do I talk to others about?
    • What do I react to?
    • What are my goals?
  • Inner message: Keep going, help more people.  Do not stop.
  • Build an inspiration book filled with inspiring images

Chapter 4: Financial Treasures

  • Your inspiration will lead you to the greatest sources of wealth
  • 2 important questions:
    • What would I love to give
    • What do people need?
  • Find 100+ ways money helps your highest value
  • FAST investing system (Forced Automatic Savings Technique)
  • Payment Priorities:
    • 1. You
    • 2. Taxes
    • 3. Others
  • Give anonymously
  • Who are you hanging around?
    • Hang around people with $100 and you will become a $100aire
    • Hang around people with $1,000 and you will become a $1,000aire.
    • Hang around people with $10,000 and you will become a $10,000aire.
    • Hang around people with $1,000,000 and you will become a $1,000,000aire.

Chapter 5: Vocational Treasures

  • Love what you do, do what you love
  • "If I gave you a cheque for $5million right now, what would you do?" (finds the real answer to what people want).
  • Every night ask: "What am I destined to do?" Repeat until it's clear.
  • Look at what your life's journey has lead you towards
  • How is doing this actively helping me fulfil my dreams and do what's meaningful to me?
  • All is serving you (even a job you dislike)

Chapter 6: Family Treasures

  • Look for both sides (upside and downsides)
  • What you perceive as a soulmate is already in your life, it's just in several different people, not just one.


Chapter 7: Social Treasures

  • Embrace both support and challenge.
  • Make a 'Must Meet' list (50 people you must meet before you die).

Affirmations to say:

  • "I have access to wisdom of the ages"
  • "I am moderate, rhythmic and consistent"
  • "I am humble, I am a disciple and I listen to my soul"
  • "I value my time and space, I am wealthy
  • "I follow my minds invitation and my hearts inspiration"
  • "No matter what happens, I know it's a lesson in love"
  • "I have a mission, I have a message and I lead wisely"