A Guide to Reading More Physical Books.

Over the past 6 months, I've had a HUGE urge to read....
When I say huge....I mean at the start of the year my bookshelf had around 6 books...most of which were unread.
You probably know I am a huge advocate of audio books because of their ability to teach you while you're doing something that is fairly mindless (like training, driving to the gym or walking the dog) but I was searching for more...something that required no technology, didn't run out of battery and I could literally do anywhere.
plus....I knew the smartest people in the world were those who were well read.
So i got busy.
I started searching for books I might enjoy.
I was lucky that one of my mentors, had given me a couple of books earlier in 2014 that resonated well with me (and were quite small too which made them easy to read for a beginner).
I used this to propel myself into a deep learning journey where now I read every single day. (more on this later)
I'm no Einstein...yet, but each day I am attempting to better myself...just like you can!
I'm often asked the question about reading physical books and how I manage it?
So with that, here are 5 tips to help you read more physical books:
1. Start Small
Try and find a book that isn't too long or intimidating.  This is going to help you get a bit of momentum before tackling bigger books that may take more of your mental energy to process.
Books that have larger spacing, not as many words per page, simple information are always a good place to start for beginners.  Something from 100-200 pages is ideal.
I really like the title: The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles.  This is the book that helped get me started as has some really great lessons.
2. Take it page by page
You don't have to set new records for reading pace...speed will come with practice.  Read deliberately and make your way through the pages ensuring you take in each word.
If you find your mind wandering at times (which is normal), go back and re-read that page.
Purposefully this time and think of your mind as a sponge ready to take in the info.
3. Set yourself a Personal Accountability Challenge
One thing I am a huge believer in is setting challenges.  I also like to amp this up by putting videos/info on social media to tell the world what my plans are.  This forces you to be accountable (unless of course you want to look like someone who can't follow through).

Record a 30 second video today (seriously stop being scared and get it out there...) and put it on social media.

People will respect you a ton more once they see you put your balls on the line AND can follow through.
4. Choose books you're passionate about
There is simply no point in forcing yourself to read in topics you have no interest in.  I'm all for leveling up, but only in the areas of your life that will HELP you excel and become better.
Choose a book that you're interested in and you know you'll stick to.
Recently I've been big on biographies of business personalities and media moguls as well as books on company marketing and branding (Coca-Cola, Mcdonalds, Starbucks etc)
5. If it ain't workin'....stop!
If you aren't enjoying a book, and you're getting minimal benefit from it, stop wasting your time and move on.
Pick up the next one.  There is no shame in not finishing a book...I personally have 6-8 books on my bookshelf that I ready 3-4 chapters of...and wasn't getting any benefit from at the time, so I simply put them back on my shelf and moved on.
When you do this, you might find in a month or two, you feel the urge to pick it back up.
Which you can easily do.
Until then, stop putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.
The thing is, the world is FULL of exciting educational books.  Apply the above tips and increase the amount of physical books you ready today.
Remember, It's not a race, and reading is about both education and enjoyment.
Happy Reading!