A Simple Guide to Having the Best Week.

Brand new week, brand new opportunity to either continue shining, or decide that this will be the week you make the shift from ordinary to extraordinary. 1. 5 love messages. Send 5 messages to friends/family and tell them you hope they have a fantastic week. It takes you 6 seconds, but will mean a lot to them. Short and simple.

2. Engage 'Focus Mode'. This morning, when you get to your work space, instead of checking every single device/social platform/email/snap/Insta etc...switch it all off and focus for 90 minutes on one single task.

You will get more done during this 90 minutes than most get done all week.

This is how you truly move the needle.

3. Join the Mobile University. Jump over to to audible.com and purchase one of the millions of audio books available.

Audio learning will change your life. Choose from productivity to autobiographies to neuroscience to happiness to willpower to habit development and on and on.

Join this exclusive club where only growth minded legends are accepted.

4. Commit to something you can look forward to over the next 6 months. That might be a holiday, launching new project, trying a new series of restaurants or going to a seminar/course...!

We are happiest when we are growing and when we having something to work towards.

If you're not sure if you can/should commit, put a deposit down today and watch the opportunities fly toward you to help make it happen.

5. Just do it. While reading this, my hope is that it will inspire you... However, in and of itself it's fairly useless. If you want change in your life, you'll need take action.

It would be easy to 'like' this post and then continue scrolling through the news feed and think "One day I'll do what he says. I'll just check what else is up with the world and then get to it."


You can take the above and run with it.

I've given you a few simple strategies and insights into what the best of the best do to live amazing lives.

Now it's up to you.

Wishing you all the best for yet another week. Got a lot of great news to share over the coming weeks to help you further so keep an eye out.

Speak very shortly. Hayden