Actions speak louder than words.

How does it feel when someone makes a commitment to you, but then doesn't follow through with it? What about when you're sold something, and it isn't quite what you expected?

The support wasn't as good as it was claimed to be?

The additional extra's weren't delivered?

The best businesses are built on trust.

Trust is built from following through with you word.

It's about being on time....every time.

It's about doing what you say you'll do...every time.

Not when you feel like it, and not when it's convenient.

Now, if you're like me, of course in the past you have slipped up (we're all human)

But what separates good businesses from great businesses, is the ability to

  • own their mistakes
  • apologise for screwing up
  • and doing every damn thing they can to become number 1 again in the eyes of the customer.

Remember, you're in this game to deliver a unique service over and above anything else out there.

If you're currently not feeling that you're over delivering, then you're under delivering.

Time to step it up and wow your clients to dominate the market.