Are You Showing Up?

People sometimes ask me what's the secret to building a successful podcast..? What microphone do I need? What software is best for editing? How do I ask guests to come on? How do I get more listeners?

These are all so minor in the grand scheme and can easily be found with a Google search.

The real answer is simple.

I simply showed up.

For 3 years I just continued to show up. Many shows have come and go in that time.

The truth that many people with podcasts don't tell you..?

Plenty of early mornings, late nights, rescheduling, cancellations, rejections, awkward silences and more.

But on the other side of the fence, it's been incredible and I would not change a thing. Is my way the most effective?

No, probably not.

I'm sure there are strategies to increase your listener base quicker than I have, or better ways to optimise the editing process etc.

But in the process of producing 100+ show learned a lot of invaluable lesson and built a career off the back of it so I'd say all in all pretty good deal.

When tackling any project in life, remember that 80% of success is simply showing up.

Share this philosophy with your clients.

Yes you want their diet to be perfect...but the reality is, it won't always be.

Yes you want them to push themselves in their workouts every single time and follow your program to a tee, but the reality is, they won't.

But what is humbling to know is that as long as your clients are showing up and doing 80% of what you prescribe, they will get the majority of the benefits.

Your goal is not to create super humans, your goal is to create life long change and open peoples eyes to what else is out there.

That is 10x more powerful than having someone join your program for 12 weeks only to fall completely off the wagon in week 13....

Create Champions that grow.

That's the real secret.

Have the best Wednesday..! Hayden