Behind the scenes

Back in Melbourne now after a week away recharging and regenerating. It's always good to get away and switch up your environment. It's weird though, on the last day I was there, I had this funny feeling. Kind of like the feeling you get before you're heading back to school on the last day of your holidays.

What was I nervous/anxious/feeling weird about? I think most of the problem was I didn't know. At least when you've got a diagnosis you can troubleshoot what to do.

I decided to sit with the discomfort for the day (observing it as a third party might - periodically questioning it) before finally realising, I was focusing on the past and thinking too much about myself. Inward based thinking. Which is hardly productive.

So I got out my journal, re-visited my 100-day plan (something all business owners should work from) and focused on what's coming up next.

The whole experience made me think though. There are surely others out there that get these feelings? I can't be alone?

Yet when it's happening, that's exactly how you feel.

I think there is a real 'blind spot' that exists in the 'entrepreneurial'/business owner world, where everything is made in an attempt to seem exciting, major and awesome. I recently made a video in my Young Leaders group on facebook explaining how if I did a Gary Vee style 'Daily Vlog' you'd actually be pretty bored. Most of my days are comprised of about seven things:

Walking my dog, speaking to clients, creating content/systems, reading, writing and looking after my health (cooking/gym). Like a record stuck on repeat, that's pretty much most of what I do.

But this is the real. This is what business owners (at least in the first 3 years of operation) do.

The work. The stuff no-one really hears about.

Which has inspired me even further to share some more of it.

Over the coming weeks, I'm inspired to be sharing a new project called "StoryHuntr" which will showcase the lives of selected individuals and 'everyday inspirers' that are out there doing the work. Those growing their businesses and living their lives (messy as they are) to help showcase all the stuff these 'wantrepreneuers' don't share with you.

I'll be sure to post on my social channels and also on my blog.

OK, off to the gym now. I enjoyed my time away, but it's also great to be back in the sprawling metropolis of Melbourne - everything is so close! Love.