Book Review: Titles from Robin Sharma and Steven Pressfield

bookreview1 Alrighty! I recently had a small break and had some time to reset and really get some reading done.

I completed several books in the 5 days that I was at the resort and really emersed myself in learning.

The below will be a post about what I learned from each one and what you can gain from them too:



Book 1: Robin Sharma - Life Lessons From the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

This is a terrific sequel to Robin's first in the series: "the monk who sold his Ferrari".

In this book, Robin takes a different approach and shares 101 life lessons that you can use in your everyday life.

Most are similar things that I have explained to you guys but here are my favourite 10 principles to take away:

1. Get up early (before your competitors, and reset yourself)

2. Write Thank-you notes (send these to all that have helped you on your will work wonders)

3. Build a library of heroic books (you know I love this one!)

4. Develop your talents (meaning discover your talents and really focus hard on getting better)

5. Go on a news fast (I never watch the news and I never read the paper)

6. Learn to meditate (I'll be doing this a lot more this year)

7. Carry a goal card (I've previously done some videos on this and it's highly valuable..write down your goals and take them everywhere u go!)

8. Keep a journal (essential as far as I'm must have one)

9. Selflessly serve (give yourself unconditionally...if you're betrayed, that's their problem...karma does exist I believe)

10. Master your time (also a hugely important need to get this in order and learn to say no)

I highly recommend grabbing this and when feeling a little down or demotivated, pick it up for 20 mins and give it a blast

Total reading time was around 3 hours.




The second book is: Steven Pressfield - The War of Art

Knocked off this book in just over 3 hours.

It's quite and easy read.

Although it is more focused to 'the artist' at the risk of sounding cliche (all well fuck it) arent we all artists in some form?

But seriously this book tackles the problem of resistance and covers both why we get dominated by resistance which stops us from doing that which we want to do and also covers strategies to get it rocking and rolling.

If you're finding yourself starting and not following through this book is for you. (Interestingly, Author Steven Pressfield took 10 years to nearly complete writing two books...each which was 99% done before he threw them out as he was afraid of what people would think)

If you find yourself also scared of what people will think, time to give that the ass and really put in.

If my learnings have taught me anything over the past few years it is that people either love seeing you progress and are proud of you, or people hate seeing you progress and are jealous.

Either way who do you think wins? (The one progressing of course)

Give this a read and give yourself a different perspective.

Resistance is a state of mind...time to remove it!

Enjoy this title too!


P.S: Have you read a book lately that inspires you or really made you leap into action...?

Post it in the comments below and share the love.