Breakfast with DeMartini

If you're new here, it might be worth checking out my first article regarding a similar topic entitled 'Breaking Through with Dr John DeMartini (read here), but today I wanted to share with you another experience I had with the doc in the past week. Recently, I had the opportunity to join John for breakfast before one of his programs that I attended (called Master Planning for Life - highly recommended!).  As one of his 'students of wisdom' (and a student of life itself), I wanted to share some of the learnings I took away from the experience with you, so you can also learn and grow.

I'd previously arranged the breakfast with him (you can read about that inside this FB group) and made sure I was in position on time (7:35am).  No word of a lie, he was literally there within 10 seconds of the appointment notification going off.  No joke).

He said hello, before grabbing some breakfast (4 pieces of multigrain, a small plate of rock melon and some natural yoghurt) and sitting down for a chat.

I'd prepared some notes with opportunities and questions I wanted to present but I also wanted to meet with John for three reasons:

  1. Get him to sign my book (which he is the author of - The Values Factor)
  2. Share with him a couple of small (but thoughtful) gifts.
  3.  And of course, spend time with someone I believe has done some pretty phenomenal things (success leaves clues)

The below is an exact download of notes from our chat*.  (I wrote these notes after I got back down to the classroom - pen was moving faster than I thought possible too!) *I have also omitted a couple of private items.*

I want to now explain each one and the lesson I drew from it.  Enjoy.


  1. No ask - No get (top right corner) - This is in relation to how I actually got the meeting...I asked! (refer FB group for full information).
  2. Gave Gifts
    1. Morning Rituals book - I knew as a student of life also, John loves deconstructing excellence and studying the great minds.  This book is 400+ routines from some of the best minds ever to have lived and details what they did first thing in the morning upon waking.  It's a very interesting read and a lot of inspiration can be picked up from it.
    2. Freedom Writers Diaries - I have given out 20 copies of this movie over the past month (serious).  And in that time, I have watched it 3 times.  It brings a tear to my eye and is truly moving. Highly recommend watching it today.  Also, I will be interviewing the ORIGINAL Erin Gruwell in the coming days.  Keep your eyes peeled for that one!  If you've seen the movie, you'll understand why I gave this.  If not, go and see it.
  3. Reading Fuel: Nuts, Sunflower seeds, thimble, water.
    1. This was in relation to John's intense reading schedule during his college days.  He would speed read for 4 hours straight between 2:30am and 6:30am 7 days a week.  During this time of extreme focused study, he would have several bowls of brain fuel (including the above mentioned snacks), as well as a thimble to turn the pages quicker, and water for hydration.  Using this method, he would get through 4-7 books per morning, before exercising, spending all day at college, and then teaching what he learned that morning to other students. (Learn more about his schedule and how he survived on 4 hours sleep for years by listening to our podcast here.)
  4. Single best decision: "Follow my vision"
    1. Those three words were all that were needed after I asked John what the single best decision he had ever made in his life was. We didn't spend too much time on that one.  His answer said it all with perfect clarity.
  5. Opened at 27
    1. This was when John started speaking to crowds and sharing his love of learning with those in a broader spectrum.  I chose to write this down as it inspires me as a fellow young leader that the path is possible.
  6. Focused on Biz in late 20's and 30's
    1. When I was asking various business related questions, John stated that he did well in business because during his 20's and 30's he was extremely focused on his business (even gestured with his hands that "laser focus" thing where you put both hands to the side of his head and move them down onto the paper to signify his one track mind. (Hope that makes sense.)
  7. Said I was asking great questions
    1. As an interviewer, student and researcher, I always pride myself on asking good questions.  Given I was also at a seminar where we literally sat in a room for 3 days and were tasked with answering 2200 questions that John has hand picked from over 44 years of his own research, I felt pretty good considering his qualification to make that judgement.
  8. Signed my book
    1. The Values Factor...awesome read and highly recommended (especially as an introduction to John's work).
  9. Paul Bragg's daughter took over his business and now DeMartini wants same (Family has increased value of continuing legacy)
    1. This was a great insight.  Paul Bragg (who was DeMartini's first mentor and the man responsible for lighting the fire for John at the age of 17, before they spent every morning together for 3 weeks) was a leading health professional who shared his love for healing all around the world.  Paul's daughter took over his business as he got older (and eventually passed away).  John mentioned that he could see the same thing happening inside of his business with his daughter (who already plays an integral role throughout the company).  I also asked the question if there is an increased value of this as it is 'blood' continuing the family business? (to which he said: "yes, there is a slight advantage in that").
  10. Mentioned I was a leader
    1. As we walked back into the room after breakfast, he mentioned that I have a bright future and that I am definitely a leader.  Coming from John, this meant a lot.
  11. "Can you imagine not going to the gym?  That's how I feel about my mission" 
    1. This point made a lot of sense.  When we pursue our highest values, it simply seems natural to do it.  We don't need 'discipline', we don't need 'motivation'.  We simply do it.
    2. If you are finding yourself 'demotivated', it might be time to re-evaluate what your daily activities are, and if they're aligned with your goals.  (If you're not sure I might suggest we have a chat to discover what it is you are truly destined to do.)

And while I've listed 11 points, I could have easily shared 10 more points.  Hopefully this however gives you a small wrap-up of what 40 minutes with one of the most distinguished minds (in his area) on earth can offer.  I hope it provides you with even 10% of the benefit I got from spending that time with him as I know that would be worth it.

Like John always says: "You can't put your hand in the pot of glue without some of it sticking".

If you get the chance to study his work, read one of his books, go to a seminar, or simply want to learn more, I highly recommend jumping onto his website here and having a look.


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