Breaking Through - A Weekend with Dr John DeMartini

If you told me 5 years ago I would be travelling to a different country, to sit in a room, and listen to a 'teacher' share their thoughts on wisdom, life and success...I would have called you insane. Yet over the past 2 days I attended Dr John DeMartini's: Breakthrough Experience where I did just that.

And I can tell you first hand, without a shadow of a doubt, it was one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Before we get into the meat of this article, I want to give you a little bit of a pre-frame.  Since being introduced to Dr DeMartini's work through my good friend Mark Ottobre, earlier in the year...I became what most people would call 'obsessed'.  (However, people who follow John's work know that the word obsessed is a label often (mis)used due to a misalignment of values between two people).

Regardless, after buying a speed reading program from John, and then a financial wealth building program in the one week....I wanted more! I have listened to many motivational and inspiring leaders before, and have had the pleasure to interview a lot of leaders on my podcast....but for some reason...John's work stood out to me.

The way he would word things, the speed and rate at which he would reel off his affirmations, and the WEALTH of knowledge contained within him was mind expanding.

So I went full monty.  I bought the ENTIRE digital library...  The Values Factor, Breaking Through Learning Disabilities, The Entrepreneurial Spirit, and around 22 others.  Literally over 100 hours.

I then proceeded to download and fill an iPod I have that wasn't being used, and listen exclusively to the programs of Dr DeMartini while walking my dog, Basil twice a day for 30-45 minutes each time...


So before even going into the weekend with Dr DeMartini, I can tell you, I had some experience with listening to, and implementing some of the work John prescribes in the programs.  On top of this, I have around 5 of his 40 published books, and consistenly reference the material.

Now, this isn't a shallow attempt to 'brag' about how many hours I have listened to John, because I know there are thousands of others out there with many, many, more hours experience, and I am not trying to 'impress you', but instead, 'impress upon you' what I got from the weekend, and how I can help you learn from my experience.

So today, I want to share with you 7 key take aways from The Breakthrough Experience and hope that you too can one day get to one of John's programs. Also,  I honestly could have pulled 40, 50 or 100 different 'gems' but here we go with 7 of them.


1. Your brain is a 'telos' seeking machine.   (This is a big one! Pay attention as this single trait changed my entire life).  The Ancient Greek's had a study called Axiology.  This was the study of values.  Within Axiology, and within all of us, we have what is called the 'telos'.  This is our internal compass guiding us to do what we are destined to do.

When we fully understand ourselves and begin to accept our true calling (based on the actions we take, not the words we speak) then we can achieve true 'love'.  When we set goals that are aligned with our true selves, we have high self worth and confidence.  When we set goals that are NOT aligned, we feel low self worth and lose our confidence.  Find out what your true values are...and I guarantee your life will start to make a lot more sense.


2. Maximum growth occurs at the border of support and challenge. Human's need challenge.  We thrive on it.  We are designed to be both supported and challenged in everything we do.

The goal is never to rid ourselves of 'challenges'.  Our goal is to gain more insight and knowledge into what the lesson is teaching us so we can be enlightened.  So we can understand WHY something is happening and how it is serving us.

Once you understand that very principle, you can appreciate why certain people around us seem to be supporting us, while others are challenging us...It's a law of the universe and necessary for you to become who you need to become.


3. Own the Traits of the Greats! Inside of us, we have every single trait in existence.

  • You are a thief (by reading this, you're stealing time away from something, or someone else)
  • You are a liar (you may have lied to yourself this morning saying you wouldn't press the snooze button...but you did.)
  • You are inexperienced (you may be highly experienced at coaching clients, but you are in-experienced at practicing medicine for example.)

and on and on...

Now, the key is not to idolise and infatuate with those who display these traits, but instead identify those traits within you, and realise that you are complete just the way you are.

(You will learn this very method if you come to the Breakthrough Experience yourself).

4. Human's only have 2 fears.   The fear of losing something that we infatuate with, or the fear of gaining that of which we resent.  That's it.

We infatuate with people all the time...then we fear losing them, thus putting us into a state of depression and desperation.  Other times, we fear gaining traits of those who we dislike, and taking on those traits ourselves.

Very similar to the point you read above, our goal is never to disown the fear....but instead, use it to help us discover how it is serving us.


5. The universe is in complete balance.   There is a 'hidden' power in the universe and everything happens for a reason.  A lot of the work that John has done explains this very principle, and he has it down to an exact science.  No joke.

When someone is being mean to you, at that exact time, someone is being nice. Your job is to find out who is being nice to you at that VERY moment.

When someone steals from you (time, money, energy), your job is to find out at that very moment, who is giving you that VERY moment. (must be instantaneous)

And repeat.


6. There are 4 opiate's of the masses.   (Stick with me on once you find out, you will be much more enlightened and awake to what is actually going on)

a. Physiology (Pleasure without pain)

b. Psychology (Kind without mean)

c. Sociology (Support without challenge)

d. Theology (Heaven without hell)

It is an unrealistic expectation that we are 'sold' into via society, and one that is impossible to live up to.



7. If you're not willing to pay for advice, you're most likely not going to pay attention to it. This wasn't specifically in Breakthrough, but was actually something I picked up from one of John's books I read after the weekend.

Simply MUST invest into your own knowledge if you wish to excel.  Sometimes that means money, other times it means time.

I don't need to reveal to you the cost for the weekend, nor the cost for the private consult I did with John after the 28 hour 2 day experience, but what I will reveal is that what I learned, when put into action has the potential to be exponentially bigger than both of those fees combined.

I say it all the time, and I will say it again.

You are your biggest asset.

So the question is, do you want to be a depreciating asset...or an appreciating asset?

Invest in your knowledge and you're investing in your future.

As you can see, his work has had a profound impact on me.

If you are interested, I highly encourage you to get to one of the following Breakthrough Experience.

You can view those on this site.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to helping you excel further on this journey to excellence we are both on.