Building a Brand....(basics)

Everyone wants a brand, few are willing to do what it takes to actually build one. Most are concerned with the quick fix.

Because It's sexy.

Most think they want a personal brand, but when you tell them it's a 3-year minimum, they aren't so keen.

There are three elements to building a killer personal brand: 1. Consistency. 2. Congruency. 3. Sacrifice.

1. Consistency: If you want to "be known" in 5, 10 and 15 years time, you need to DELIVER on your promise consistently.

Not just when you need to pay your taxes, but day in day out. Not just when you need leads, but also when you don't need leads. Not just you feel like it, but when you don't feel like it too.

This doesn't just go for sales and delivery either. It's EVERYTHING. Your brand is about how you speak to others - regardless of what they can offer you. What you're like without the camera on. What you do when no-one is around.

Which brings us to point 2...


2. Congruency: If you want to build a brand, but it's not WHO you are, you will fail.

If you still consider PT or coaching a 'side business' you will never make it.

Not until you JUMP.

I recently saw a business owner in a group complain he was having a hard time making sales. He mentioned he didn't have much time to make the calls, since he was promoted to his 'dream job' (his words) at work. He was struggling to get motivated to run his business on the side with these conflicting identities?

What does that tell you? Is this someone inspired to deliver their service? Is this someone passionate about helping others? That cannot wait to get up in the morning and serve?



3. Sacrifice: Funnily enough, building a strong presence in the market is so much less about you, and so much more about what you can do for others.

That's the paradox most can't quite grasp.

They want to be successful, but they also want the selfies.

They can't resist the cliche pictures in front of the laptop (please).

They can't resist putting up the whole "be your own motivation" posts to show off their own bodies and gain the attention of other narcissists (desperately hoping that you'll jump on their profile and say the same).

How LONG can you hold off your own self-gratification?

How LONG can you be 'behind the scenes' on your social media and let you work do the talking?

Most attempt to 'cash in' their chips much too early.

They'd rather be in the spotlight now than wait until the spotlight is shown on them by others.


Building your brand is a slow, sometimes tedious process, but from my experience, those who take the time to build a solid foundation, don't have to continually rebuild themselves.


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