Building a Content Marketing Plan - Advice for Personal Trainers.

writingOne of the most controversial topics on the internet. So many claim to be able to teach it, yet in actual fact I'm going to sum it up in around 1000 words.  SEO specialists, Social Media Marketers and more all fit into this category.  But guess what?  They also want your money.  And like any industry it is filled with snake oil salesmen and empty promises, so it's any wonder there is so much skepticism with gaining traffic to your website.

In it's simplest form, content marketing is a means of getting people to notice you, come to your site, trust what you say and then buy from you.

I am about to reveal to you the biggest, seemingly untapped secret of gaining internet traffic.

But first I have a confession.  I lied at the start of this article.  I said I was going to sum content marketing up in 1000 words...

In actual fact it's less....A LOT less.

In fact it's just two.

I hope you are sitting down.

Be Helpful.

I know....Simple, right?

Yes. Simple.   But simple & easy are two different things.

Whenever I work with trainers or online coaches, the first thing we go through is how they are providing value to the world.  What problems are they solving?  Most of the time, they're simply posting content that either boosts their ego, or is aimed at everyone.  Which isn't inherently helpful.

If you are aiming your content at everyone, you are a aiming your content at no-one.

You must define your ideal audience.

Finding this is often complicated by money hungry marketers and online guru's.

However, I can explain to you how to define the above with 2 sentences:

  1. Look at who you've achieved the best results with.
  2. Imagine yourself 2-5 years ago, be the kind of person you wish existed.

Then just find more of them.

These two pieces of advice will help you more than any $297 'traffic finding blueprint' course or $2000 per month business coach.

And like anything in life, the more helpful you are, the more you will receive in return.

I could probably leave the article there and it let you figure things out...but that wouldn't be very nice.

So let's dig deeper.

Creating Your Content Marketing Plan

OK, you've got a good idea of who you are going to target, now it's time to create your content marketing plan.

This is done by defining the top 5 problems your key audience.

From this point on, your marketing should be focused solely on these 5 problems.

No selfies, no blanket statements aimed at the general public and no bullshit.

Specific problem solving, where at the end of the content, your audience can take action/be further educated.

Let's take two examples:

Target Audience: Mum's/Mom's

These women want to get their body back into shape after having their baby.  They want to know that it is possible to achieve the body they once had.  So your marketing needs to target towards this being possible.

  • Will training hard hinder their recovery?
  • Can they get back to pre-baby condition?
  • How can they find time to exercise with a new born?
  • How can they prep meals and stay healthy with so much other stuff to do?
  • What's the quickest way to get back into shape?


Target Audience #2: 23-30 year old females

"I just want to tone up", "I put on muscle very easily, I don't want to get bulky"  Have you heard these? These are problems......

  • How can I tone up?
    • (read: how can I change my body composition)
  • Is lifting weights effective/safe?
    • Yes it's true, more and more women are finding their way into the weight room, but there is still a lot of confusion around it.  The fact of the matter is there is absolutely no difference between training a male and training a female.  We know that.  So how can we effectively explain that to the audience?
  • "I love classes and being 'worn out'". If they're not 'smashed' they often think it's not working.  Teach them why it's not about being smashed, but instead about focusing on progress.
  • Are all carbohydrates bad?
  • I eat 1000 calories a day and still aren't losing weight.  What's wrong?

And these are just off the top of my head.  You need to THINK about the problems your ideal audience has and focus your marketing around that.


OK, The plan exists and I get why I should be content marketing, but what's next?

Ways to share your message?

The next question I often get, is where should I be?

Blogging, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Pinterest, Persicope and the rest.  There is literally hundreds of social networking sites.  Many you have probably never heard of.

For this, it all comes back to your key audience.  When properly defined, we will know where they hang out.  Basically everyone is on Facebook, so that is my first recommendation.  Secondly, I believe everyone needs a blog/website.  (This is your hub and where you are going to make $$$).

Then, I like to pick 1, maybe 2, other area's to put energy.

If your audience is visual (which I believe in the fitness industry is fairly obvious), then crank up the video production.  If they enjoy reading, then blogging is the way to go. If they're in the car a lot, or have idol time with their brain but not their hands, podcasting is killer.

So many people get concerned with producing bulk content, they often forget where to put their energy, who they are serving and end up being helpful to no-one (remember, rule number 1 = you must be helpful).

The following are ways to share and spread your message to your key audience:

  • Podcast (my main strategy)
  • YouTube Videos (how-to, training videos, mobility training, etc).
  • Snap Chat (only use this to be helpful, not as an ego wants to see every meal you eat).
  • Writing (blogging and solving problems through words like I do)
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Lastly, I want to explain the importance of relevancy and purpose.

Don't just create for the sake of creation.  I tried that when I first started.  It doesn't work and you spin your wheels getting no-where.

Less is more.  10 articles a week full of mediocre content, are useless and not helpful to anyone.

Every single piece of content you put out into the world MUST solve a problem.

Use this guide, share it, print it off and take it with you to your place of creation.  If you implement it, you will become a better producer, increase traffic to your site, usefulness and in turn, generate revenue.