Business Realities

Sometimes all we need to know is someone else has been through or is going through what we are going through. I had a great session on Monday at my "growth dinner" (a monthly dinner I go on with a mentor to help grow my mind) who really stretched me and my limits.

Along with the bashing (ie: him helping me play a bigger game), he also mentioned several things he's done in the past that helped put things into perspective.

I know it can be a difficult game having your own business and what it's like to wake up thinking: "is this even for me?!"

So instead of giving you some shallow advice such as "remember your why" (which is done to most people don't discover their why immediately) I wanted to share some practical thoughts I personally have had or do have over my time in business.

I'm certainly no a guru and there is so much more to learn but here are a few truths:

You'll mess up. I've let previous customers down in an old business. What I did was discover how it served them and me and the guilt disappears.

You'll wonder what the hell you're doing No one has all the answers. Sometimes you feel like you know, other times you feel over your head. The first is to build confidence, the second is to build capacity. Both are necessary. Both will help you.

You'll go through the whole it would be easier having a job phase. Yes...yes it would. But then you've got to think bigger and ask yourself: what normal person gets paid $50, $80, $120, $150 or $300+ per hour? It's very, very rare. But if you stick at this for 3-5 years the top echelon of that is very achievable (plus much more).

You'll feel lonely In these times I found three valid options:

  • Ring your customers (they love hearing from you)
  • Teach something new (make a system, create a new product, do a video..think outside of yourself.)
  • Get out there and talk to people (coffee shops, shopping centres etc)

Business is no walk in the park. It sucks. It will keep you up. It will make you cry. It will make you doubt yourself and it will bring up demons you don't want to face.

Business is the ultimate ego killer.

However, on the other side you will have the ability to directly help more people (your way), dictate your income, be able to choose where you work and spend your years doing what you love.

If you're struggling for direction or aren't sure what the vision is, drop me a line here and let's see if we can't get you back on track.

Don't make this harder than it needs to be.