Buying You

What is the experience of buying with you like? Are you consistent around the basics?

Can customers rely on you?

Consistency rules the game.

How many times have you gone to a cafe, got a brilliant hot coffee, excellent service with a smile and left with a great attitude...

Only to come back to the same place, be ignored at your table, receive a wrong order and have your coffee come out differently.

Compare that to when you've been somewhere like McDonald's - have you ever got anything but a consistent service?

McDonald's may not be the healthiest/greatest/remotely nice option, but I promise you no one else delivers consistency like them.

What can we say about your service?

How do show up each day?

Are you the cold coffee cafe, or the consistently giant that is McDonald's...?

Consistency is built from systems.

If you have no systems, how can you expect a predictable, positive outcome for the client?

Consistency matters much more than what most people think.

Get it right and watch what happens.