Can You Trust You?

There is one person we spend more time with than anyone else. They are there for every meal, every workout, every early morning, every late night, every time you do something you shouldn’t, and every time you do something you should.

And while at times you can fool others by hiding the truth or telling a lie, this one person always knows the truth.

You can buy takeaway and eat it in your car, or rush home to eat it in the privacy of your own home in a ‘judgement free’ environment.

Or skip a workout because you don’t feel like going today and will make it up later.

Or sleeping in because you ‘need’ the extra rest (often neglecting the self work you said you would do in the extra hour of ‘You Time’ by getting up early).

Trust me, I know these feelings, because I’ve been there for ALL of the above (and more).

You can tell yourself one thing, but at the end of the day, that same person is always there.

Marking their scorecard.

Ultimately they decide: Can this person be trusted?

And that person is you.

So the question becomes, not can you trust others, but can you trust you?