Growth Hacking

How to Resign Clients

There's a simple rule I like to focus on inside my business: harvest > hunting.

It's pretty well known now that it costs 5 times as much (or more) to create a new customer, than it does to just keep your existing ones happy.

So many ads have been popping up on my feed lately from people who're obsessed with showing me how to drive lead costs down or how to master Facebook 'bots', or whatever else is in vogue this month.

Maybe that's how they like to spend their time, but I know for me, I'd rather put your energy into those who're already paying me to do the work I love.

Truth is, there's already a goldmine sitting in your current business database that we haven't even begun to tap into yet.

Just like most only ever use 10% of their brain capacity, the same goes for business owners and profits within their existing client base.

To get good, you need to work at extracting more and more from those who already know like and trust you.


Which means you'll want to get really good at the re-sign conversation.

Here's the only two steps you need to know:

1. Genuinely listen to them (wants, needs, fears, frustrations)
2. Repackage and re-organise your offers so as to 'conveniently' provide them what they've always dreamed of.

I call it The Internal Sell.

Really it's just a friendly conversation explaining how you can help them even more inside their lives with problems that ALREADY EXIST.

If they want to go ahead, great! If not, then you'll know how serious they are about their goals (or that you didn't listen closely enough).

The problem a lot face, is they're like the builder whose only tool is a hammer - they try and make everything around them a hammer.

You can be different.

Dive in head first, drop the ego, and ask your clients exactly what they want more (and less) of.

Because the truth is...if you don't, someone else is.

The key to building successful business is NOT going to be who can master Facebook advertising or the latest algorithms.

It's the one who listens closely enough to their customers and then makes the most relevant, direct and timely offer.

Get that right, and you'll continue to build an empire that you love.

Enough winging it or playing out of your depth. 

Check out this page here and let's master the systems on the inside of your business and get you on track to really make a difference.

Today's Quote:
"An individual without information can't take responsibility. An individual with information, can't help but take responsibility" - Jan Carlzon

Standing out is easy (with these 6 rules)

How many Facebook ads have you seen this morning?

What about on Instagram?

Or YouTube?

Truth is, at every turn, it seems there are more and more ads popping up.

How much more saturation can this industry take?

I used to get so frustrated with it. 

That was until I shifted my focus...

Instead of looking at the numbers, I started to look at the impact. Instead of counting the likes, I started counting the wins.

Honestly, it's one of the biggest mistakes I was making. Focusing on everyone else rather than the job I was being paid to get done.

Which brings me to the most important lesson I've learned during these last 12 months..


'Success' doesn't have to be complicated. Nor does it have to be some fluffy 'self-help' concept.

Success (to me) is living a deliberate life.

Doing what I like, when I like, with whom I like.

And I know it's not as easy as clicking your fingers and reading an email from me...but one thing I know for sure, is there are rules to this game we call life.

And if you want to win, you've got to play within the boundaries.

Here are a few I've chosen to live by, to ensure I'm putting myself in the way of success:

  1. Give more than you get
  2. Always find new problems to solve for others
  3. Push yourself to grow every day in every way
  4. Tackle your discomfort head on
  5. Take care of your mental, physical and spiritual fitness
  6. Consistently check-in with yourself to make sure you're behavior aligns with your values.

You've probably heard them 100 times before (maybe more).

But repetition is the master of all success.

Take this a reminder and check yourself against each of the above and see how you're doing.

Remember, success is nothing more than a series of small wins, strung together in the pursuit of a worthy outcome.

Don't (over)complicate it, let's get you on the right track to make it a reality.

Grab your signed copy of Your Pocket Coach today and set yourself up with the right mental mentors every single day.

"One page a day keeps the fear monger away!"

Today's Quote:
"Amateurs worry about the ego. Professionals worry about the impact".

2 FREE Chapters From My Brand New Book - Your Pocket Coach (no email required)

Below I wanted to share two sample chapters from my brand new book: Your Pocket Coach with you.

But first, a quick story on how we got here.

Ever since first picked up Napoleon Hill's masterpiece 'Think and Grow Rich' back in 2013, I've been deeply fascinated about how combinations of letters, words, paragraphs, and pages can inspire people to take action.

And so as I was holding that life-changing book, I just knew this was a feeling I wanted to share with others

with just one little difference....

I wanted it to be my words, my thoughts and my inspirations being shared with people to help them take action in the direction of their dreams.

A lot has happened since then, and after a few false starts with writings (ramblings) that have never seen the light of day (probably lucky for you), in 2017, I launched my first book (Why Wait To Be Great?).

The entire journey of writing it was incredible..but that's a story for another day).

Regardless...another year has passed since I wrote that one, and it's been huge in terms of learning for me...

Reality Checks
and everything in-between.

I know you could say the same too.

But over the last year, I'd say one of my most proud achievements is what I wanted to share with you today...My brand new book.

It's called "Your Pocket Coach", and it's the ultimate 'modern-day bible' to literally carry with you in your pocket and get advice with whatever it is you're facing.

Although it's framed as a 'business' book, my hope is, it's going to do a lot more than just help in your business.

Ultimately, it's 60 actionable, practical pieces of advice to help you gain power of your mind, your money, your business and your life....

and then...TAKE ACTION!

So whether you read a page in the AM/PM or a page or two in between clients (each page takes 1-2 minutes), over the course of 3-4 weeks you'll be done!

(or you just binge on it in one go like the 20 or so people who've read the advanced copy)

Either way, you'll start making some much better decisions because you'll have all the information you need to succeed.

Without further ado, here you go

I hope you (really) enjoy it.

Chapter: Be A Master of Simplification

"In a world filled with information, the greatest value you can offer to others is to cut through the noise, break down the complicated and give your clients the clarity they need to make some much better decisions moving forward. 

In 2017 I created a guide which has helped at least two dozen coaches launch their podcasts. I dedicated the entire first page to listing all the reasons most told me for why they couldn’t get started immediately and showed them how each one was simply an excuse. The result? No more resistance. Just action. 

Now it’s your turn. As a master of simplification, you’ll help break things down to the most basic level for others to digest. To take the complex and remove all confusion. That way, those you serve cannot help but take action upon the advice you share, and you’ll be known as a straight to the point results first type coach. 

When you look at it, everything you’ve ever achieved has simply been a series of tasks strung together in a specific direction. Now, it’s time to do the same for others. Take the time to chunk down what it is your clients want, and give them the clarity they need to achieve their dreams."

Chapter: Stand for Something

"If your business stands for nothing, it will fall for anything. It’s time to get clear on what you do and don’t stand for when working with clients. 

Take a look at some of ours: 

  • We don’t do online training. 
  • We don’t do fad marketing. 
  • We don’t make empty promises. 
  • We don’t focus on anything that doesn’t help us grow. 
  • We do focus on results. 
  • We do focus on our clients. 
  • We do focus on providing exceptional value. 
  • We do focus on causes much bigger than ourselves. 

When you develop a clear philosophy on how you do business, potential clients are in a much better position to make the choice whether or not you’re the right coach for them. 

They’ll either be drawn in or pushed away. This is a good thing. Vague messaging attracts vague clients. 

Get clear about who you’re for, and share that with the world. Once you do, watch how quickly the right people are attracted to your business."


If you're keen to get a copy direct to your door, you can go ahead and click HERE to secure one of the 100 advanced copies I got printed just for you.

ps. use the code: "FREESHIP" in Australia/NZ and I'll even cover your shipping and handling costs.

Thanks so much for reading.

Would love to know what you think.




Better Questions Are The Answer


Questions have always been the answer for me.

I've built my entire career off the back of great questions. Which has led me to create the business I love, work with clients I love, speak with mentors I love, and share the inspiration with those who are ready for it.

Which is what I wanted to speak with you today about. 

Some of my top questions across the key areas you need the most if you want to grow on the inside of your business.

Questions for Business Clarity
1. What's the ultimate job I get done for the client? (what problems do I solve?)
2. How do I actually do that? (courses, 1-1, small group, consulting, books, etc)
3. How do I share with people that I'm the real deal? (how do I build freaky trust?)

Questions for Business Growth
1. What am I doing to reliably and predictably increase the lifetime value of each customer? (the ultimate goal in any business)
2. What opportunities currently exist that we are missing?
3. Who do we need to connect with this week to rapidly grow our bottom line or brand?

Questions for Business Stagnation
1. What's currently holding me back?
2. How do I build a plan in advance to solve that?
3. Who has been here before and knows how to navigate this challenge?

Some of the above might seem basic. But basics ALWAYS win.

Plus in my experience, knowing is not doing. Just because you know this stuff, doesn't mean you're already doing it. As my good friend Craig Harper taught me: the transformation is in the doing, not just the knowing.

Let's get you clear and focus on moving you to a position where you can powerfully answer those questions to someone you trust inside a 20-minute practice pitch situation.

It could be me. It could be a friend. It could be another professional. Anyone who isn't afraid to give you honest and growth promoting feedback that you can trust.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Would love to know.


4 Step Formula for Change

Do you ever struggle with the uncertainty around your future? Wondering if the business you're in, is the right one?

Worrying that things aren't going as fast as you'd like?

Wishing you could be successful...NOW?

Welcome to the club. You are just like 99% of business owners out there.

I wanted to share with you a simple 4 step formula that has really helped me during times of transition and confusion, as well as many others.

Step 1: Be specific

What is it EXACTLY that isn't working in your business right now?

Is it bringing in new leads, is it knowing what to do with your marketing, is it closing sales, is it getting too many refund requests, is it low drive to continue?

Write out exactly what it is (and if it's multiple, give each one a new row)

Just by identifying the problem, you're going to take away half the worry.


Step 2: Be Grateful

OK so we know what ISN'T working - but now we need to know what is working. So often we will tell ourselves a story that everything is broken.

More often than not..that's a lie. List all the things that are working and that've worked in the past.

  • What have been you best lead sources?
  • Your best closing lines that've helped you make important sales?
  • What do all your current customers have in common?
  • How have you trouble shooted problems successfully in the past?

As Dr Demartini mentioned at one of my last events: "Those who are grateful, get more to be grateful for."


Step 3: Get Clear

Now you know what is and isn't working. The next step is to discover exactly what it would look like, if things were going as you wished.

If a builder showed up on a job site with no plans, no tools and no-one around to ask, how could we expect a house to be built?

Same goes for your business. You need to know where you're heading, have the right tools, and then have the right guidance in times of need.

Get clear on what how you would like things. Any detail you leave out now becomes a challenge you'll need to overcome later.


Step 4: Get Moving

Knowing is not enough. You need to act. I know it's something you've heard before, but how many times have you read an article like this and thought: "yeah yeah, I'll get around to it" before jumping off and doing something low priority.

What I encourage you to do is grab your journal, take the highest priority action step to help you succeed, and then GO.

Like a rocket with new fuel, blast away and put some firepower behind your goals.

Stop complicating things.

Stop looking for the next best secret.

Build your brand like you would a tall building - with solid foundations and quality materials.


Now....go do the work :)




Rant - Supplement Clowns on Social Media

supps Each day, like most people, I take some time out and scroll through my Facebook and Instagram.

I see most of the usual things, a few motivational posts, a few lifting videos, a couple of selfies...all good.

But then, without a doubt, every time I manage to see a fitness model or wannabe bodybuilder holding some supplement and plugging how amazing it is.

"I couldn't get through my workout with my <insert useless supplement here>".

Are you kidding me?

So before they were giving you 40% off their range you simply just couldn't perform a workout?

Because I'm pretty sure things were fine....

However, now you've got some products and all of a sudden it has transformed you?

It helps keep you full, keeps you lean while eating whatever you want, makes your workout pumps 1000% better right?

Bzzz...lies.  Just like 99% of the supplement companies themselves.

  • You know what makes you feel full? Food.
  • You know what keeps you lean while eating whatever you want? Nothing. (*close your eyes and ears IIFYM crew*)
  • You know what makes your workout pumps 1000% better? Steroids.  Not some questionable product that makes your heart pump faster.

Better still, are the people who post the above one month, then get dropped/switch to a better deal, and then start bragging about how amazing this new, almost identically useless product is.

I get it though, there is no money in fitness within the small time ranks (or even big time..which is why you see Ronnie Coleman or Kai Greene do the exact same thing in the magazines).

Literally it costs a ton of money to compete.  There is the gym, the food, the tanning, the posing suit/bikini, the entry fees, the registration and up until this point, the supplements.

Every month I see these posts trying to be creative with their sponsors' product...Yet strangely enough they all look the same, each as equally impractical as the next.  Do you really take your supplements outside with you...into strategically placed locations?  Or is that a setup. *rolls eyes*

To be honest, I blame the supplement companies.  I have seen the 'commitments' they make these (mostly) young athletes sign.  2 social media posts per week, 2 taste tests per month, representation at 4 bodybuilding shows per year and a plug in their instagram profile.

In return we will give you wholesale prices or if you're lucky....some free stuff.

It's embarrassing.

People are falling into the misconception that social leverage is more important than integrity.

If we take a step back though, a much better solution to all of this is for these people to discover real ways to make more money, especially online.  Which is funny because most of them have an amazing body that 'fans' look up to and aspire to be like.

So leverage that instead.  Position yourself as an authority by putting out quality information and content.  Share what you know and help others achieve their goals through honest advice.  Teach them the best way to get a six pack is by closely monitoring your nutrition.  Teach them that the best way to get quality pumps in the gym is to use a slower tempo and control the weight.

It's simple.  You get back what you put out there.  And they're going to be much happier when they actually see results from your genuine advice.

Surely your reputation is worth more than some sub-par supplement deal....right?

*end rant*


empty search for a title.

The empty search for a title. I've read a lot of books over the past 2 years.  Some were excellent, others not so much.  Topics have ranged from management, finance, personal development, leadership, autobiographies, branding, politics, drugs & alcohol and more.

Many of the 'business' style books talk about these amazing entrepreneurs who took life on, coded up some software (magically) and made millions by solving problems for millions.  Others would talk about famous CEO's that turned companies around from near extinction to powerhouses.

The common theme was that to create impact, you needed to have a title.  Which was a problem for me, as all my life I feel like I've been searching for a title.

In my days working for an IT company, I never knew how to introduce myself.  Was I a graduate sales executive? Was I an IT apprentice? Then moving onto my work at Doherty's Gym, the Arnold Classic and the many sister companies associated with that role (around 6 other brands)…I was still confused..Was I an assistant, brand manager, operations manager, all rounder…?

Then just to make it even more fun, I had developed a few of my own brands and outside projects.  Web Design, Marketing and Consulting for Personal Trainers, Internet Marketing and more recently, writing….

A wee bit confusing to say the least.

But the real question is, Why was I always searching to call myself something?

Was I embarrassed at parties to introduce myself as 'x' or did I not simply want to be pidgeon holed into societies standards to what 'x' is supposed to be?  Why should I care? (To be honest, I don't even go to that many parties).

But after reading Robin Sharma's inspirational book, Leader Without a Title, it's starting to become a lot more clear.  Titles are redundant in today's world. We are moving so fast with so many different roles, you don't need to label yourself as one thing in particular.  It just doesn't matter, instead, just do what feels right.

Since leaving my full time role in December, people often ask what I do? Sometimes I'm a web designer, other times I'm a writer…Sometimes I'm a marketing consultant for trainers, other times I 'help people think differently'….How's that for a job title?!

To give you another example, highly successful author, entrepreneur, tech startup advisor, TV producer, human test dummy and more, Tim Ferriss tells the story of how when people asked him what he did he quite often mentioned he was a drug dealer.

The thing you need to realise is that you are more than a title.  A title often validates  within us what we are and supposedly makes us feel like we fit into society (that's what we all trained to desire, right?)

Just because you don't make money from an activity doesn't mean you cannot title yourself within that.  Brene Brown (who I talk about often) tells a story in The Power of Vulnerability about an accountant who makes and sells jewellery at a local market.  When a customer asked how long she had been a 'Jeweler', the 'accountant' explained "Oh no, I'm not a jeweler, I'm an accountant, I just do this in my spare time".

To which afterwards she realised…..Why can't she be an accountant and a jeweler?  The only person stopping her from calling herself that….is her.

So if you're like me, and are enjoying pursuing many different projects, stop searching for a title and be happy with what you are.

Titles are out.  Doing your best work and ultimately what you feel like is in.

Good luck.