Changing the Game.

Changing the game, stick to the basics for personal trainers Every day we see someone trying something new.

7 minute abs, Acai Berries for a flat stomach, TRX, P90X, MIT, TRT, HIT....the list goes on and on.

We see one common theme with all of these things.  Huge Promises and a necessity for you to actually do the work.

I can make you a million promises of unlimited clients, fill your diary up with PT appointments, give you more spare time with family etc, but really, if you break it down you will find that doing the right things at the right time in the right way are going to yield the greatest results.

The problem with all of these companies trying to 'change the game' with their super fast acting, body fat shredding, muscle stacking programs are they are marketed at the masses.  They literally have some of the best copywriters in the world to write scripts for the advertisements to make you believe you NEED their products.

Paid actors with 6 packs stand in front of us with the latest weigh loss belt that vibrates and helps you lose weight while you are sitting on the couch...right? How easy would it be to lose weight if I could do it while doing something else.

Heaven forbid I actually had to exercise or watch what I put into my mouth.

The reality is there are no secret systems.  There are no shortcuts to a sexy stomach, there are no unheard of ways to create biceps as big as Arnold's.  Sure there are more efficient ways to get the body you want but without a conscious effort

There is too much trickery going on.  The reason most of this exists is clever marketing looking to exploit the uneducated.  New mom's who never really have the time to get back into the gym and are struggling to find time the traditional way, the unemployed with low self esteem who are looking to improve their bodies with the least amount of work.  The marketing gurus at head office know how to craft the message that makes you believe you need the latest 3 letter acronym exercise system, and without it you would be wasting your time.


I'm going to now REVEAL the true way to help yourself and clients. (note: not some fake reveal either, I'm sure many of the leading strength coaches would agree with me)

I hope you are ready, because this is going to shock you.







The reality is that you can get into shape in MANY ways possible.  Yes, counting calories can work, Yes, high intensity circuits can work, Yes, bodybuilding programs can work and yes, those P90X, TRX etc programs can work.  (Although those vibrating platforms are absolute bullshit and will never work)

I have now bought 3 programs off some of the highest level coaches in the world.  These are the guys who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars ( i'm not joking) on their own education.  These programs are gold.  Literally taken me from 85kg at 15.8% bodyfat to 89% @ 15.7 in 4 months (I have the DEXA scan to show proof).

Not sure about your clients, but if they could put on 4kg of muscle in 4 months without fat,  they would be very happy with you.

You know why these programs work?  Because they do not try and over complicate things.  Squats, Deadlifts, Pullups and Rows are the common exercises I am performing.   They are ordered and executed in a way that makes sense and is obviously getting results.  There isn't a 10 minute ab blaster, and it requires me to put in hard work.

So this is a message to all of the companies out there flogging off their latest shiny programs and all of the trainers out there promising their clients unrealistic expectations and trying to 'mix' things up with their unique and customized programs.

Stick to the basics.

Get to know your clients, work your ass off understanding their problems, bodies, diet habits, rest habits, and mental barriers.  Spend time researching and actually trying to new workouts, discover the best hand position for pullups and the best foot position for your client to perform a full squat (and for for that matter make sure they can actually perform a squat.  Too many trainers out there are flying under the radar, letting their clients half/quarter squat simply to boost that clients ego.

If there is a one common trait I have heard from Layne Norton, Steve Cotter, Mike Mahler, Nick Mitchell and over 30 other experts in my podcasting experience it's that they always keep hold their integrity and execution is always number 1.

Be real and honest with yourself.  It will serve you well.

So next time you see that Asian American guy on the YouTube ads showing you his "Sixpack Secrets" remember that programs like that work because of highly targeted, persuasive marketing.  He is in the right place, at the right time.  Not necessarily with the right message.

Be wary and stay true to your own values.