Coincidence? I think not.

Think back to a time where you made a decision to go all in with something. To fully commit and decide exactly what YOU wanted.

Maybe it was competing in something? Buying a new car? Quitting your job and finding a new one? Starting your own business?

Now look at all of those 'random' opportunities that seemed to have shown up and helped you fulfil that exact goal?

People who could help suddenly appeared, money making opportunities to help fund it were discovered, books and other helpful resources jumped out at you...

Now...did they just 'happen' to show up?

Or, were they always there?

The people you met, the dream job you landed, the award you won, the customers you sold to...


The truth is, it was all there.

It all existed well and truly before your decision to commit, it's just that you were just unaware of them.

It wasn't until you 'woke' up that you could see them.

Now taking this logic, we can conclude that once awoken to the fact that every outcome we experience, is one we created within our own reality.

Everything around you, was created by you, for you.

Even this status. You created it. You knew you needed to read it and therefore, just like everything else to help you on your path it 'appeared'.

Now, take this information, decide exactly what it is you want, and go after it....

Watch and marvel at the greatness that will appear in front of you.