How to Create Content Your Viewers/Reads/Listeners LOVE

For the past 3 years I have been fanatical about creating content. In fact, for the past four year, before I knew what 'content' marketing was, I've been writing nearly every single day to help others inside their businesses (and life). Over that time I've learned a thing or two about capturing the attention of others and helping you gain authority in the process.

What does that mean? It means you get to become the go-to person, be recognised as a thought leader in your industry and that half the sale is made for you before the prospect gets on the phone with you.

So if it's going to do all that, why do so many fail?

Put simply - it takes work. Of course it's easier to slap something quick together and shoot it into the marketplace.  The default post of the fitness trainer is 'Motivation Monday' with the same old generic content. BORING. Some of the crowd might 'like' it, but those likes aren't paying the bills and the truth is, it's not positioning you as any sort of authority either.  Just another fish in the sea.

Instead, you need to put in effort. You need to be solving problems. You need to be caring enough about your customer to want to help change their life.

And if we do it right, it will be possible to reach and impact thousands across the world (which WILL get you paid).


"Where do I start? What do I create? How Do I Create it? Where do I put it? Who would listen to ME?"

Lucky for you, I am here to answer all of the above for you and help the whole content marketing thing a little easier for you.


Step 1: Where do I Start?

Start with your clients. You are here to serve.  As a fitness business owner, you are paid for your knowledge. Yet unless you're sharing that knowledge and putting it into a system that your client understands, you're not helping anyone.

The first thing I need you to do is ask your top 3-4 clients that you serve, what are the two best things that I have shown you that have impacted your life the most? From there, if they're honest, you will have your first 8 pieces on content.

Content is simply solving problems.

Take the answers these clients have given you and break them down into an easily digestible system (aka step by step what you're reading NOW). This will help your audience go from having no clue where to start or how to go about it, to clearly seeing the steps as possible.

Do not fall under the illusion of creating generic content that helps generic individuals (been there, done that).  You will have a much greater impact by helping your clients solve specific problems, using specific content.

Step 2: What Do I Create?

There are two factors at play here. 1. What format do you love to consume? and 2. What format would your clients love to consume?

The reason both are important, is because if you don't like to consume it this way, you're likely to give up before you get any traction. Conversely, if you love doing it, but your prospects aren't going to consume it in that way, then all of this effort will be for nothing.

If you love podcasts, then start a podcast, if you love watching videos, then get better on video and start posting on YouTube/Facebook.  If you love writing, then start a weekly blog.

Don't over complicate it, just get started, stick with it and continue solving problems (always, always, always have this in the back of your head).

Step 3: Where Do I Put It?

OK, this is where most will get stuck. Truth is, to create a massive impact, you need to put your content in front of the eyes of your ideal prospect, not just posting once on Facebook and then forgetting about it.

Ask yourself this one simple, yet powerful question - where is the client BEFORE they need me?

If you can get inside the customers head before they need you, you are going to be the first one they think of when they actually DO need you.

First things first, you should always be posting on Facebook - nearly everyone is there.

Secondly, plant your seed everywhere you can.  You need to be like poison ivy - spreading like wildfire (although please do not just go into random facebook groups and spam with "thought this might be useful" and then drop the link in....we all know that guy)

iTunes for podcasts. LinkedIn for business professionals. Instagram for fitness clips. Facebook for anyone with a pulse.

Step 4: Who Would Listen To ME?

Turns out, a lot of people. I know it's hard to believe when you're first getting started, but let me share a quick story with you...

I grew up in a town with 30,000 people.  I was very shy and rarely spoke to others that weren't in my immediate friends circle. Yet now, every single day, people tune into my podcast, they watch my videos, they read my blog and they listen to what I have to say.  Why? Because it's never about me. I make it so much about my clients and solving my clients' issues that I am simply the vehicle used to go from problem to solution.  As a consequence a lot of good things happen.  People pay me for my advice.  They ask me to speak at their events. And they like to sign up to events that I run.

People will listen to you - you just have to give them a reason to listen :)

Where to from here?

I've got two more things to share with you before our time is over (for now).

  1. Firstly, this is a long game.  Creating content is not a get rich quick scheme. That is, you are not going to see tons of leads fly in overnight from the moment you post your first article. You need to build your trust and authority. The best way to do that is through committing to producing at least one piece of killer content every week for the next 26 weeks.

    Yes - 6 months.  Do not be put off by this.  The time is going to pass anyway so you may as well do something productive with your time. It sure as hell beats starting again every time.

  2. Secondly, what I have done for you, is created a simple yet powerful download for you to take away.  It's going to give you the exact templates and forms that I use with my high end clients to help them get their content strategies right and break through all of the noise. It includes worksheet on how to discover your clients top 7 problems, as well as top 7 mistakes.  It will then prompt you to create specific solutions for those issues.

    Lastly you're going to get a content calendar.  This will allow you to plan and plot when you're going to launch your content and give you a very simple system to follow.  Even though these worksheets are usually reserved for those paying, I am sharing them with you because I know only a slim percentage of action takers will follow through.  If that's you, I commend you - and I look forward to helping you more.  If not, good luck continually struggling in the red ocean of competition.Go ahead and download that guide completely free right here.

I look forward to seeing you produce some killer content over the next 3 months.  Make sure you tag me or shoot me a message when you launch it.  Would love to see.

Happy Creating.