Are you customer focused?

It still astounds me how many companies are stuck in their laurels, doing things 'the way they've always been done' and basically walking around with an entitled "Well if they want the best, they'll bend over backwards for me" attitude. Seriously things have changed, and if you're not first, you're last.

Time to wake up.

Yet, so many coaches aren't realising this....! (pretty scary to be honest)

Their customer service sucks, they don't get back to people, they are too busy trying to get new clients, they forget about their old ones...

Now I know you don't do that, BUT I just want to give you a clear cut example of the difference between average service, and above and beyond service.

So as a part of an elite group of coaches I'm bringing together in a new 12 month application only program I am launching in Melbourne in September I'm planning a bunch of awesome, fun stuff (along with monthly educational seminars with the world's best speakers.)


Anyway, one of these fun things is hiring an entire movie theatre (gold class) completely for my coaches to all enjoy a movie together.

So yesterday, I made two enquiries to movie companies.

Both are in Melbourne and both will showcase the same movies.  So pretty similar in the actual product they sell.

I gave them both some information on their website forms and asked them to please call me in the morning to discuss.

So the next morning, at about 9am, I got a phone call.

[blockquote id="" class="" style="" align="none" author="" affiliation="" affiliation_url=""]"Hi this is Lucia from the movie company, I noticed you put through an enquiry and just wanted to know a little more information about what YOU would like"[/blockquote]


She asked about me, what my company was, what the occasion was, what movies my crew would like and if I had any rough dates.  She spent time asking key questions and listened to what I wanted.

Following on from our call, within 10 minutes she had followed up with an email and hit the nail on the head for exactly what I wanted.

The second company simply sent me a 10 page flashy looking document with all the different packages, all the different prices and basically gave me the corporate copy paste document they send to everyone.


Can you even guess which company I went for?

Who is going to care more about me as a client?

Do you think price really even comes into it?


For me, customer care is of much higher value.

Now, what I would like you to do, is have a think about how you handle new enquiries...

When someone asks about your service, you need to be the one who listens.  The coach who gets inside their customers' minds and REALLY focuses on both what they want and what they need.

This is the REAL secret to business.


So while every marketing and business coach will tell you that in order to succeed you need their 9 point customer contact system, or 3 step client referral guarantee program....

The truth is, you can blow away the competition simply by listening to the customers needs and understanding what they truly want...!

(And then giving it to them in exchange for money).

I hope that helps and gives you a little bit of inspiration to get back into the mind of the customer and really focus on their needs, wants and desires.



Ps. if you're interested in that program, it is application only, but might be worth checking out the entire thing here if you want to completely change your life over the next 12 months?  No pressure at all, just wanted to share it with you.