[Cutting through the Noise // Part 1]

Tired of endless confusion via so called 'gurus', I will be sharing some clear cut information in regards to simplifying the messages you're exposed to.
These are kept purposely short.
***Today's lesson: Business Basics***
The four most important questions you need inside your business:
1. What do we sell?
The best businesses have 3 tiers of products available to the market. Entry level (for skeptical buyers), mid level (for those ready to go) and higher level (for those who want the best). These will be ascending in price and also time commitment. Think of it like a ladder.
2. How do we create desire?
All marketing plays on the desires of humans. Promise to fill a desire, and you will find the money quickly follows.
While every person on earth has their own personal desires (unique to their values) there is a general desire list which is listed below
  1. Acceptance - the need to be appreciated
  2. Curiosity, the need to gain knowledge
  3. Eating, the need for food
  4. Family, the need to take care of one’s offspring
  5. Honor, the need to be faithful to the customary values of an individual’s ethnic group, family or clan
  6. Idealism, the need for social justice
  7. Independence, the need to be distinct and self-reliant
  8. Order, the need for prepared, established, and conventional environments
  9. Physical activity, the need for work out of the body
  10. Power, the need for control of will
  11. Romance, the need for mating or sex
  12. Saving, the need to accumulate something
  13. Social contact, the need for relationship with others
  14. Social status, the need for social significance
  15. Tranquility, the need to be secure and protected
  16. Vengeance, the need to strike back against another person

Credit: https://explorable.com/16-basic-desires-theory

3. How do we convert?
How do we get in front of the customer and how do we get them to say yes? The higher the price, generally the longer the sales cycle. Webinars, Sales pages, in person consults or phone strategy sessions are some examples. Choose one and go.
4. How do we wow?
Customer service is no longer enough. Customer wow is. You need to be evolving to be one step ahead of the customer at all times. Where do they want to go next? And how can you be there first? How can you help cultivate their dream? Help them believe?  Figure that out and get there as soon as you can.
Once you're there, go to the next step. and the next.
While most want to confuse you into thinking there is some major secret to all of this, it's more a case of getting out there and doing it.
Pull out your journal and ask the big 4:
  • What do we sell?
  • How do we create desire?
  • How do we convert?
  • How do we wow?

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