Developing The Money Mindset.

I want to introduce a key concept that has helped with my 'success' (whatever that might mean at this point), and something you can introduce into your life to achieve greater success both in every day life and also financially. It's called The Money Mindset.

It's a combination of material by Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki, and my own adaptations.

In 2013, when I started my business, I decided I would never hold back on self education.  I've spent literally thousands on courses, digital books, audio books, print books, seminars, workshops, 1-1 mentoring and countless hours implementing and learning more. (easily in the 1000's)

But it wasn't until later on that I first developed this concept of 'The Money Mindset'.

In the intial 12 months of launching my business I had provided excellent value in the marketplace through my services and had achieved decent traction as a web designer/online marketing coach.

This is lesson number one.  I was providing value into the world with a service people wanted, needed and valued.  There is a direct correlation between the value you can provide and the amount of money you will receive in return.

But I wanted more.  I wanted to expand and grow this business.  For those with passion and talent, growth is a natural progression.  It's like a drug...once you get a small taste, you can't help but want more.

So I did some research, found one of the best online marketing sales coaches I could find, and got on a call with him.

My friend had recently jumped into a 3 day course with the same crew for $600.  So I thought, at this price sure I can 'afford' to do a similar course and if it helps me create more value (and therefore money) then why not?

This is lesson number two. Never be afraid to invest...but ONLY if you can see ways that it can immediately impact your business.  Do not invest time and money for knowledge that MAY be useful down the track. It must be useful now.

I call this Just In Time Knowledge. (I will explain this fully another day, but for now all you need to know is the above.)

45 minutes later into the call and I had just spent $8,000 on a digital marketing 10 week course.

WTF!  That was basically half of the savings my business had in the bank at the time.

Crazy, Right?


For the select few who are brave enough to invest heavily into themselves, and expand their thinking, you will discover it FORCES personal growth.

I immediately set to task to seek out new opportunities to provide further value in the marketplace, to get a R.O.I (Return On Investment) for the $8k I had just handed over.

The result?

Within the next 72 hours, I had developed over $12,000 worth of business.

This is The Money Mindset.

But this wasn't a once off.

Not by a long shot.  It has occurred multiple times before.  Yet it wasn't until 2015 that I realised what was actually happening.

For example, let's go back to the very beginning of my journey.  It all started in 2013 I wanted to build a website for my competitive eating persona 'Hungry Haydo'.  To do this, I needed 'Hosting' and a 'Domain' on the web.  All up it was around $100 for the year.  But it isn't amount that is important.

It was an expense and I wanted to recuperate it.

Within 24 hours I had made a list of 10 customers in my local network that could benefit from a website.

My Money Mindset had kicked in.  I wanted to generate enough revenue to achieve an ROI on my personal investment which was Hungry Haydo.

Over the next 3 weeks I signed up 8 of those 10 customers I had set out to build a website for.  The result lead to me generated enough income to cover the cost my own hosting for Hungry Haydo. (Of course it was a lot more than $100, which goes to show how powerful this concept is).

Another example, I recently (like last week recently), purchased a course for $1,500.  You guessed it, within 24 hours I had generated income and started to 'see my opportunities' clearly.  My Money Mindset had kicked in.

Whenever these opportunities arise, ask yourself, not IF you can afford it, but HOW.  What opportunities exist that I can leverage to fund this investment?  (A key concept from Robert Kiyosaki's book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.)

This is what is happening with The Money Mindset.  You have a future self inside of you waiting for success.  Let him free.

This is going to sound crazy, and a little 'woo-woo' but Napoleon Hill talks of this concept in his 1937 classic, "Think and Grow Rich".  Hill explains how he would send his future self to help achieve specific the future.  He had literally summoned success for his future self and 'incepted' the minds of his future customers.

But does everyone have The Money Mindset?

Yes (and No).  I believe The Money Mindset does exist in everyone, but not all of us take advantage/realise we have it.  There is a simple key to bringing it out.

YOU must work for it.

Money will not just for from the sky, and the phone is not going to randomly ring with offers of business.  You must give the world a reason for this to occur.

Developing The Money Mindset often comes from a place of discomfort.  Most people are not ready for it.  You need to be willing to go beyond your comfort zone.  You must be prepared to invest in yourself, handle rejection, make mistakes and work long hours.  This is the 'hard' part of The Money Mindset.

The actual work.

Although, for those who endure, the rewards are ASTOUNDING.

You will feel on top of the world when this key is mastered.  You will realise NOTHING is out of your reach. The Money Mindset is empowering.

However be aware, knowledge alone does not equal power. Knowledge is only potential power. The statistic I'm about to share with you is alarming. Of those that actually attend seminars/read/learn etc only 3% will actually do something with the knowledge they acquire.  The 97% aren't prepared to do the work.

If you are indeed a continuous learner and keen self developer, ask yourself, which camp do you fall in?

This is lesson number must do the actual work.

Right now, there are opportunities waiting for you.  Dollars being left on the table, and value to be provided.  Money is literally waiting to be claimed.  But only to those who are brave enough to push past the place of comfort and do what others aren't willing to do.  Those who are willing spend the time to learn HOW.

Go out there and develop The Money Mindset.

You will not be disappointed.

Good Luck. Hayden