Do you have customers....or clients (yes there is a difference)

Many trainers are under the illusion that these two are the same.
They use them interchangeably.
And to most people, they actually have no idea that there is a difference.
But there is, and if you want to take things to the next level, you should know the difference.
Customers are transactional.
Customers see what you have to sell and they make a decision if they want it or not on the spot.
Customers are short term.
They transact with you.
They buy a meal plan, workout plan or maybe a supplement protocol.
Nothing fancy.
And there is a ceiling to how much the value of this transaction can be and it's generally low.
THEN on the other side of the coin....
You have clients.
Clients believe in you.
They buy into your vision.
They want to see you succeed and know you can help them succeed too.
They see your unique offering and can't help but brag to their friends about you.
"I train with {!firstname_fix} because they bring out the best in me" is what a good client will say.
Do you have customers OR clients?
If you had the realisation, like I did around 6 months ago,  that sure, maybe you have a few clients, but you've also had customers, then don't can be fixed.
Let's create is a few quick (but vital) questions I want you to take some time to answer at some point today.
1. Are you helping these people before they ask for it?
Are you delivering value in advance?
Are you so in tune with what your clients want, that you can help them even before they ask?
What are you doing to go above and beyond?
2. Is your goal on you...or your clients?
When we get stuck in our own heads we tend to be self centered.   Our minds continuously ask: "How can this help me? How can I make more money? How can i get XX?"
It's only once we step back and focus on our clients' needs that we can truly make a difference.
Make that shift.
3. Are you good enough?
This is actually the hardest one to answer.  Because sometimes it provides a big wake up call.  Are you actually good enough? Do you have the skills to really help these people get exceptional results?
Not just lose 5kg....but to completely transform their lives, transform their mindset and produce lasting results that put you on the map as a remarkable coach?
If the answer is no (or not yet), then it's time to level up.
Look around and start studying.
Study successful people.  Hang around with winners.  Read More. Attend more seminars.  Join my Elite Coaches Club Program.  Do what needs to be done to stand out and BE THE BEST.
Because if you want to be need to do something memorable.
I hope that helps give you a little motivation and pump to kickstart your Sunny Monday morning. (at least it's sunny here in Melbourne when I'm writing this!)