Do you know your capacity?

Too many business owners come from a place of wanting more for the sake of more. Coaches squeezing in clients, saying yes to things that can't deliver on, and overextending themselves because they're scared to say no.

They don't want to 'miss out'.

But if you simply say yes to everyone, you quickly destroy your own energy and provide a sub par service.

When I sat down and designed ECBC, I defined exactly what my capacity was.

I reversed engineered what it would take for me to live the life I deserve, and what I would provide in exchange for that.

So far I have 8 coaches who believe in my vision and what we are trying to do.

I have also said no to people who weren't the right fit, and people have said to me when they didn't think it was for them.

Rather than twisting their arm and using sales tactics, I smile, and agree with them.

If anyone is not 100% excited by what my 12 month program represents, then they will never be.

This is what you need in order to have a business you love.

Define your capacity, charge what you're worth and live the life you deserve.

Bring it on.