Enough Consumption.  Time to Create.

We are creative beings.  Since the beginning, we have been creating and innovating.

Fixing and tweaking.  Expanding our limits and raising the bar on what is possible.

And for you, things are no different.

It does not matter if you are a school teacher, an artist, a strength coach, a writer, a fighter or a computer programer, we are all creative.

We were born to create.

Born to produce.

Deep down, within your inner being, you know that.  

The inherent calling to become what you need to become that is common amongst all human beings.

The ancient Greeks called it the telos.  Or if you like, an inner compass.

You see, when we are not on our destined path, and not producing work towards our ultimate goal, we feel different.

Like something is missing. We feel lost.  Anxious.  Fearful.

The magic key, is production.

Stopping the excessive consumption, and getting creative. 

There is a time for both, but right now, if you are relating to this article, it’s because you know who needs to be done.

So switch off, tune out and do it.

Good Luck.


P.s. For further reading, check out: Cal Newport: Deep Work. (find out more of my review and recommended books here in the HW Book Club)