Facing Facebook - Introduction to Social Comparison Psychology

Was reading an interesting article in a Scientific American article the other day and wanted to share it with you. It was all about the affects of Social media on our psychology and society.

Inside the article it explains something called "social desirability" - which is the way we make things look on social media as opposed to the reality of our lives.

Where it gets interesting though, is we are much less likely to live any sort of 'faux' life on social, when we know our real friends are watching.

This is why (in my opinion), those with huge followings on Instagram and Facebook pages love to make their life seem an ideal way...because there is minimal accountability.

Having a couple of months of social - and now, significantly reducing the time I spend on various social sites has dramatically improved both my productivity and internal feelings of inadequacy.

If you're struggling with constant comparison, I encourage you to consider having a break too - it may just be the best thing you do.